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Aker Solutions starts contracting offshore and onshore now

6 June 2018 to 11: 33
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aker solutions offshore macaé

Updated and hot opportunities at Aker Solutions with vacancies and many functions, know all the details and requirements

Aker Solutions, through its recently acquired company, CSE Mecênica e Instrumentação, begins yet another selective phase of professionals to work in the Campos Basin. The vacancies are the most diverse with different levels of performance, read carefully and check before sending your resume, if all the requirements for candidacies are met. Remembering that although the vacancies are true and up-to-date, there is a deadline for sending emails, we will leave the sources of the publications at the end of the article, in case there is a need for a conference.

Welding and Boilermaking

  • Onshore Boiler Helper
  • Onshore Boiler
  • Onshore Welder
  • Onshore Boiler Foreman

For this series of positions, candidates must have completed the NR-33, Hot Work Observer, Hot Work Safety and NR-35 courses.

Send resumes until 29/06/2018

crane drivers

Experience in American crane – Must have technical courses in Mechanics, Electronics, Electromechanics or Electrotechnics. NR-35 and Crane Operator course required

Experience in a Pelegrini crane – Complete high school, NR-35 course, Crane Operator, EMCIA and CACI

Send resumes until 29/06/2018

Platform Helpers and Operators

Platform Assistant - Complete elementary school, Cargo Handling course, EMCIA, NR-33 and NR-35

Car Wash Machine Operator - Complete Elementary School, NR-35 and be a PT applicant.

Send resumes until 22/06/2018

Offshore and Onshore Planning Technician

They must have completed high school / technical education, experience in construction activities and industrial assembly for platforms, prepare reports, check-lists. They must have skills with the Office Package and MS-Project, in addition to at least 3 years of work experience. Send resumes until the 15/06/2018.

as the resume

Despite Aker Solutions having announced last month its new promising phase in the city of Macaé, with a new factory for construction and assembly to meet new Petrobras contracts in the Campos Basin (read the article here), this wave of hires is not about this project. However, those interested and within the function can send their resumes to, it will be necessary to indicate in the e-mail whether or not you were employees of the company in past contracts.

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