Home Amazonas and its explosion of 6,5 jobs in the shipbuilding industry

Amazonas and its explosion of 6,5 jobs in the shipbuilding industry

31 May 2017 to 23: 56
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ship industry in the Amazon

The naval sector in Amazonas doesn't feel a tickle, it seems that the state doesn't exist in Brazil

While the rest of the country is enveloped in a smokescreen in the sector, as you can see in the article in which Naval industry has already laid off 50, o Amazon stands out among the others because it remains stable in the region. Union of the Naval Construction Industry of Amazonas (Sindnaval) released satisfactory data and statistics that surprised Brazil. Today, 6,5 direct opportunities remain in the area because there, in Amazonas, the naval industry does not depend only on Petrobras to move the economy.

With a large portfolio of services outside the oil sector, the main orders that the Amazonas naval hub receives are for:

  • Steel export to China and other countries
  • Soy production and export
  • Manufacture of vessels for passenger transport

The workforce is also stable. This happens because there is a notable balance between employability and layoffs, which vary around 5% to 8%. Matheus Araújo, president of Sinaval, said that the North Region leads the sector there. Soon after, another fifteen states followed suit, taking Bahia and Maranhão as an example, which always order vessels from Manaus.

Matheus exclaimed that this will serve as a lesson for the rest of the country, and that we cannot have just one major customer to move the sector's economy. Taking the South and Southeast region of the country as an example, which is totally dependent on Petrobras, which literally extinguished more than 30 job openings in shipyards, most of which are in Rio Grande, followed by Rio de Janeiro, with about 28 workers laid off.

Have we learned the lesson?

Taking the Amazon as an example to be followed, Brazil needs clarification that the naval and offshore industries are not the only ones with the potential to make the public and economic machine turn. We are a country with energy, water and agricultural resources that are different from other regions of the world. Do the top hats upstairs know about this?

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