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Atacadão is offering 1.962 job openings at primary, secondary, technical and higher education levels in almost all Brazilian regions

Written by Deborah Araújo
Published 10/07/2024 às 08:45
Atacadão is offering 1.962 job openings at primary, secondary, technical and higher education levels in almost all Brazilian regions
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Atacadão job openings are available in the states of São Paulo, Bahia, Piauí, Mato Grosso, Maranhão, Ceará and many others. Check the requirements and send your resume!

It's time to upgrade your CV, because Atacadão has thousands of job openings open in its new selection process! The company, known for its vast wholesale and retail network, is looking for new talent to join its team. With vacancies available for all training levels, from elementary to higher education, and for candidates with or without experience, this could be the chance you've been waiting for to enter or reposition yourself in the job market. Continue reading to find out more details about these vacancies at Atacadão.

Check the list of job vacancies available in the new Atacadão selection process

Atacadão is spreading opportunities across all regions of Brazil, with job openings in the states of São Paulo, Bahia, Piauí, Mato Grosso, Maranhão, and many others. The company offers a dynamic and welcoming work environment, ideal for those seeking personal and professional development. Check out some of the opportunities available in the company's selection process:

  • Deposit Assistant — Jaboatão dos Guararapes, PE
  • Teller Operator — Salvador, BA
  • Repositor — Primavera do Leste, MT
  • Prevention and Loss Tax — Imperatriz, MA
  • Cold Repository — Vitória da Conquista, BA
  • DVA Cards Commercial Operator — Teresina, PI
  • Butcher Shop Attendant — Vitória da Conquista, BA
  • Stockist — Lauro de Freitas, BA
  • Card Operator — Alvorada, RS
  • Higher Level Internship — Caruaru, PE
  • Card Operator — Campo Grande, MS
  • Deposit Leader — Maracanaú, CE
  • Packer — Vitória de Santo Antão, PE
  • Poster — Fortaleza, CE
  • HR Analyst — Salvador, BA
  • Card and Services Agent — Vitória de Santo Antão, PE
  • Forklift Operator — Niterói, RJ
  • Loading and Unloading Assistant — Taguatinga, DF
  • Maintenance Assistant — Taguatinga, DF
  • Kitchen Assistant — Biguaçu, SC
  • Maintenance Technician — Biguaçu, SC
  • Cold Meat Repository (Butcher Shop) — Salvador, BA
  • Butcher Shop Leader — Salvador, BA
  • Bakery Stocker — Salvador, BA
  • Bakery Leader — Salvador, BA
  • Butcher — Salvador, BA
  • Kitchen Assistant — Salvador, BA
  • Deposit Assistant — São Paulo, SP
  • Hortifruti Repository — Osasco, SP
  • Nutritionist — Arujá, SP
  • Cashier Operator Cafeteria — São Pedro da Aldeia, RJ
  • Adm Support Assistant — Macapá, AP
  • Apprentice — Lauro de Freitas, BA

Benefits and salaries offered to Atacadão employees

Salaries offered for jobs at Atacadão vary significantly, according to Glassdoor indications. Positions such as cashier and replenisher have an average salary of R $ 1,6 thousand monthly. Loss prevention inspectors, checkers and forklift operators can receive up to R $ 2 thousand per month, while team leaders and administrative assistants earn approximately R $ 2,6 thousand monthly. One of the highest salaries in the company goes to load checkers, who can earn salaries of up to R $ 12,3 thousand monthly.

Regarding benefits, the company offers an attractive package that includes extended maternity and paternity leave, daycare allowance, profit sharing, private pension, health and dental plans, life insurance, transportation vouchers and food vouchers/ meal, among others.

How can I participate in the Atacadão selection process?

Are you interested in the job openings available in the Atacadão selection process? The application process is simple and completely online. Access the company's opportunities page to check the complete list of available vacancies, as well as information about the requirements, duties and benefits of each position. Don't miss the chance to be part of one of the largest companies in the sector in Brazil!

Working at Atacadão is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for professional growth and stability in one of the largest wholesale networks in Brazil. The company is known for valuing its employees, offering not only competitive salaries, but also an inclusive work environment and professional development opportunities. If you are looking for a promising career, this is your chance!

Employee testimonials

To inspire you, check out the testimonials of those who spent their careers at Atacadão:

👉 Erika Matos, Trainee in Anápolis – GO, started as a cashier and saw Atacadão the chance to grow professionally. Today, she celebrates the opportunities the company provided her to overcome challenges and achieve her dreams.

👉 Murilo Scrivanti, Commercial Manager in Londrina – PR, joined the company as an intern and, through the trainee program, climbed positions until becoming manager. It highlights the dynamics and real growth opportunities that Atacadão offers.

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