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Chevrolet S10 2025 with 2024 prices: modern design, 207 hp engine and new 8-speed automatic transmission that saves 13%. Perfect to take on Hilux and Ranger

Written by Noel Budeguer
Published 31/05/2024 às 08:44
Chevrolet - s10 - pickup truck - Toyota hilux - Ford ranger
Discover the new 10 Chevrolet S2025: modern design, 2024 prices, powerful engine and exceptional efficiency. Tackle Hilux and Ranger with confidence!

Discover the new Chevrolet S10 2025: modern design, 2024 prices, powerful engine and exceptional efficiency, facing Hilux and Ranger

No competitive market of medium pickup trucks in Brazil, the Chevrolet S10 2025 appears with a striking facelift, positioning itself firmly against strong rivals, such as the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux.

Although the S10 maintains the basis of its previous generation, the innovations are not just superficial: they promise to raise the level of performance and style that pickup truck aficionados so appreciate.

Inspired design and enhanced visual features

Taking inspiration from its North American counterpart, the Chevrolet Colorado, the new S10 boasts a more robust and modern look. The changes start with a higher hood and a new front grille, which not only refresh its appearance, but also bring the pickup in line with global automotive design trends. Enlarged LED headlights and taillights complement this new look, ensuring the S10 not only looks contemporary but also improves in functionality.

In addition, Chevrolet introduced an elegant set of 18-inch aluminum wheels, accompanied by new 265/60 tires, which vary depending on the version, ranging from urban tires on the LTZ and High Country versions to mixed-use tires on the Z71 version. ideal for adventures off the asphalt.

Source: Chevrolet

Comfort and technology in the Interior

Inside, the 10 Chevrolet S2025 has received a significant transformation. The dashboard has been completely redesigned, housing a modern, fully digital instrument panel and an updated MyLink multimedia center, now in its 11th generation.

This interior not only raises the level of luxury, but also resembles that found in the more sophisticated Chevrolet Silverado, offering a premium experience without necessarily incorporating all the high-tech gadgets such as the electronic parking brake and adaptive cruise control.

Performance under the hood

Under the hood, the 10 S2025 maintained the robust 2.8 four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, but not without improvements. Adjustments to the engine calibration increased its power to 207 hp, with an impressive torque of 52 kgfm.

These changes guarantee not only more strength but also efficiency, as the introduction of a new eight-speed automatic transmission reduces fuel consumption by up to 13% and improves acceleration, with the pickup reaching 100 km/h in just 9,4 seconds.

Source: Chevrolet

Chevrolet s10 2025 launch and prices

Pre-sales of the new Chevrolet S10 began with promotional prices for the most equipped versions: Z71, LTZ and High Country. With prices that start at R$281.190 and can reach R$302.900, Chevrolet seems determined to remain competitive in the market. Prices are promotional and maintain the 2024 price list.

Deliveries are scheduled to take place between May and August 2024, with more details on the single cab and chassis cab versions to be revealed soon.

The 10 Chevrolet S2025 is a clear demonstration that the brand not only responds to expectations market, but is ready to lead with innovation and quality. This pickup isn't just an answer to its rivals – it's a step forward in the evolution of the midsize pickup segment.

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