Home It started! Offshore company with vacancies in 30-day production shutdown

It started! Offshore company with vacancies in 30-day production shutdown

8 May 2017 to 23: 04
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It started! Offshore company with vacancies in 30-day production shutdown

Offshore vacancies in a large company for boilermakers, welders, industrial painters, helpers, storekeepers, outliners and etc.

A large company in the field of providing offshore maintenance services has finally opened its contracts for offshore activities. Remembering that the vacancies available are temporary opportunities, exactly 30 days after the consummation of the start of the production stop. But despite this, this selection process can open future doors, as you can see in the article that Mayor of Macaé finally released the Port of Barreto.

The contracting company is Imetame, which is currently hiring:
Boilermaker, Welders, Industrial Painters, Storekeepers, Outliners and Helpers. All these professionals must take specific courses for each area of ​​expertise, along with their NR's up to date.

If you are interested in applying for one of the vacancies at Imetame and are within these parameters, please send your CV to It is very important to inform the vacancy for which you will be applying in the title of the email.

Tip from Click Oil and Gas

In order for you to have more chances of being contacted by an oil and gas company, or even any segment, you must be attractive directly in the title. A format that I always recommend in the subject of the email you will send to the company is the following:

  • Title: Welder- 2 years of experience- Macaé
  • Message: Good evening, I am a welder with 2 years of experience in the function, with updated courses of NR-33 and NR-35. In previous contracts, I carried out activities in my area at P-55, P10 and Garoupa. Thank you in advance for any call for the selection process.
  • References (name, phone number or letter of recommendation from companies you worked for)

No need to fill up the sausage, be direct and to the point! That way you will have more chances of being invited to a selection process because recruiters will already open your email knowing what kind of professional you are. Good luck and don't forget to like and share the post.

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