Home Delta Energia announces new job openings; Opportunities for electrical supervisor, construction foreman, management analyst and more

Delta Energia announces new job openings; Opportunities for electrical supervisor, construction foreman, management analyst and more

15 May 2024 to 13: 56
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Delta Energia announces new job openings; Opportunities for electrical supervisor, construction foreman, management analyst and more
Photo: Delta Energia/Disclosure

Vacancies announced in May: Open opportunities for various positions reinforce the company's growth in the energy sector, see some vacancies at Delta Energia.

Delta Energia, one of the main companies in the energy sector in Brazil, is expanding its team and announced new job openings for various positions in different regions of the country. The job vacancy advertisement appears in a moment of significant expansion of the company, which is looking for qualified professionals to join its staff and contribute to strengthening its operations.

The opportunities open at Delta Energia are for positions ranging from supervisors to analysts and account executives, demonstrating the diversity of talent that the company wants to attract. This hiring movement reflects Delta Energia's commitment to excellence and innovation in providing energy solutions, as well as its objective of maintaining a dynamic work environment conducive to professional development.

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When joining Delta Energia, new employees will have access to a series of competitive benefits, including health and dental plans, food vouchers, life insurance, among others. These benefits are part of the company's commitment to the well-being of its team, ensuring that professionals not only contribute to the company, but also feel valued and supported in their professional trajectories.

Job vacancies at Delta Energia

  • Electrical Supervisor – Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil (announced 1 week ago)
  • Master of Construction – Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil (announced 1 week ago)
  • Account Executive (Inside Sales) – São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (announced 4 weeks ago)
  • Tax Analyst Pl. (Direct Taxes) – São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (announced 1 week ago)
  • Account Executive Pl/Sr (Hunter) – São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (announced 1 week ago)
  • Junior Energy Management Analyst – São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (announced 1 month ago)

For more details on these and other vacancies, visit the link provided below.

How to apply

Interested parties should visit THIS LINK and navigate to the careers section. There, you can view all available vacancies, choose the one that best fits your professional profile and follow the instructions to send your resume. It is important to keep your resume updated and highlight experiences that align with the requirements of the chosen position.

Employee salaries

Based on Glassdoor, salaries at Delta Energia are competitive and vary depending on the candidate's position and experience. For example, salaries for intern positions are around R$2, while analyst positions can reach up to R$7. More advanced positions such as Energy Studies Analyst offer remuneration that can reach up to R$34, reflecting the importance and responsibility of these roles within the company.

About Delta Energia

Delta Energia is a prominent company in the Brazilian energy sector, known for its expertise in energy commercialization and management. With an approach focused on innovation and efficiency, Delta Energia serves a wide range of customers, from large industrial consumers to small companies, offering personalized solutions that maximize energy performance and reduce costs. The company is committed to providing energy sustainably, supporting the transition to cleaner, renewable energy sources, reflecting its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Founded with the mission of transforming the energy market, Delta Energia grew quickly, establishing itself as a leader in your field. Its business strategy encompasses rigorous market analysis, energy portfolio optimization and risk management, enabling its clients to achieve excellent energy and economic efficiency. Furthermore, Delta Energia is recognized for its strong corporate culture, which values ​​transparency, integrity and the professional development of its employees, making it a desirable place to work.

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