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After the closure of a shipyard in Recife, the president says: “BR do Mar” was the coup de grace

Written by Renato Oliveira
Published 30/08/2019 às 12:58


Recife suffers from the closure of the shipyard
Recife and the shipyard

Program recently launched by the federal government does not have the approval of the shipyards and according to the president of Atlântico Sul in Recife, it affected negotiations with shipowners

The sad news of the closing of the Atlântico Sul Shipyard, in Suape, in the municipality of Recife, continues to be the talk of the struggling shipbuilding market.
The former president of the shipyard, Harro Burmann, spoke to the program “Movimento Econômico” of CBN in Recife, about the factors that harmed negotiations with shipowners and cited “BR do mar” warning that it gives a coup de grace to shipbuilding in the country.

The Atlântico Sul Shipyard, in Recife, decided to close operations indefinitely at the beginning of August and the former president, who negotiated with the shipowners Alliance and Mercosul Lines, for the construction of two ships (for each) saw them return to square one, after the government encouraged orders from cabotage shipowners to be placed outside Brazil, with the launch of the program that was dubbed in the middle of “BR do Mar”.

According to Harro Burmann, the orders would be worth around US$ 300 million and would guarantee the shipyard to remain operational until the Oil and Gas market has the much dreamed recovery.

The ships would be financed with resources from the Merchant Marine Group (FMM) and, according to him, the two shipping companies targeted by EAS saw more advantage in taking advantage of the incentives for importing ships, given by the government program, than in making the orders in Brazil.

EAS affected immediately

The Government program affects all shipyards in the short term, but it immediately affected the South Atlantic, as they were in the middle of a negotiation and because the company had a strategy of building ships and not living on maintenance services, as preached by “BR do Mar ”.

“A R$ 500 repair does not support the shipyard. Neither EAS nor other large shipyards. It is true that Brazil has a shortage of repairs, but it is a market that does not make an entire naval industry viable. Petrobras as a whole, with a fleet of 200 ships, spends BRL 60 million per year on repairs. Does it maintain a shipyard? None. Much less the entire sector”, declared the former president.

“The purpose of “BR do Mar” is to encourage the renewal and expansion of the fleet of cabotage companies, through the importation of ships and this makes no sense in a country that has shipbuilding”, he added.
The government program is undergoing a series of debates by sector representatives, but hope has not yet been lost of reversing this situation through the mobilization of workers' unions, industry and the entire society that yearns for the resumption of its jobs.

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Renato Oliveira

Production Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Manufacturing and assembly of pipelines with 30 years of experience in inspection/manufacturing/assembly of pipelines/tests/Planning and PCP and commissioning in shipbuilding/offshore (conversion of FPSO's hulls and topsides modules) in the largest national shipyards and 2 years in a Japanese shipyard (Kawasaki) inspecting and accompanying fabrication and assembly techniques of structures/pipes/outfittings (advanced finishing) for hull from Drillships.

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