Home EPC Engenharia started the selection process for major works in petrochemicals and construction

EPC Engenharia started the selection process for major works in petrochemicals and construction

5 October 2017 to 07: 25
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Works at EPC Engenharia

There are many vacancies that EPC Engenharia is publicizing on its recruitment channels, there are many vacancies and there are for everyone!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A EPC Engineering also began its season of overwhelming hiring in works and projects across the country and at different levels of education and experience, there are many projects, BUT MANY! The sense of optimism that begins to hover over our country makes companies and investors start injecting capital into industries and operational services. It is the case of Seadrill, which opened an overwhelming selection process on October 03rd and still has many vacancies open offshore and onshore, check out the post for more information. In the next paragraphs, check out the OFFICIAL vacancies that the company is making available.

  1. Middle level – General Services Assistant, Storekeeper, Administrative Assistant/Assistant, Maritime Support Professional
  2. Technical level – Environment, Occupational Safety, Accounting, Administration, Electrical, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Transport, Industrial, Chemical, Civil Technician, Planning, Petrochemical .
  3. Higher level – Administration, Accounting, Economics, Nutrition, Biology, Communication, Social Work, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Chemistry and Designer.

It doesn't matter in which region of the country you live, EPC Engenharia made it clear that as long as you have the qualifications and attributions required by the company, you can apply normally, with all costs of transportation and meals covered by the company. The states where EPC has operations and works at the moment are AL, AM, BA, CE, DF, ES, GO, MA, MG, PA, PE, PR, RJ, RN, RS, SC, SE and SP.

How to apply

There are two methods: The first is through the company's e-mail, which is the, simply informing the function, city and your name in the subject field of the e-mail. The second and most preferred method is apply directly in the company's official posts by accessing here, but do it on the COMPUTER, on the cell phone it usually gives a data validation error and the company will even know that you applied. Good luck and use the comments field below to ask questions.




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