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Seadrill Opened Overwhelming Offshore Selection Process Today

3 October 2017 to 06: 18
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Work offshore at Seadrill rigs

Selection processes at Seadrill are official and direct at the company for various offshore positions in many roles. Submit your resumes!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Once again the Seadrill destroying offshore waves here in Brazil with official company publication, but probably the selection processes are for operations in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The rigs that Seadrill currently owns in Brazilian territory are: West Catarina, West Orion and West Tellus. Just below, take a look at the vacancies officially open by the company.

Open jobs

Storekeeper, Crane Assistant, Crane Operator, Driller Assistant, Derrick Assistant, Driller, Area Men, Cabotage Master, Platform workers, Deck Supervisor, Occupational Safety Technicians, Hydraulic Technician, Cabotage Master, Machinery Sailor, Officer Machinery, Rig Chief, Subsea Supervisor, Toolpusher, Welders and Electricians. Remembering that all these vacancies also cover people with disabilities. The working regime is offshore even on a 14×14 scale. >>Cclick here to apply directly to Seadrill<<. Note: The vacancy board is divided into two pages. See in the photo below. ACCESS ON THE COMPUTER, ON THE CELL PHONE IT WILL PROVIDE REGISTRATION VALIDATION ERROR. Good luck to everyone and let us know in the comments below if your application was successful.

Seadrill offshore jobs

Depending on the day you are accessing this article, these selection processes may no longer be in effect.


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