Home Excellent Opportunity for Senior Engineer Drilling Operations Onshore Rio de Janeiro

Excellent Opportunity for Senior Engineer Drilling Operations Onshore Rio de Janeiro

10 July 2018 to 08: 47
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engineer rio de janeiro onshore oil equinor

Equinor (formerly Statoil) has an open selection process for Senior Engineer Drilling Operations Onshore Rio de Janeiro.

The Senior Drilling Engineer has Onshore technical support responsibility, advising on regulatory, procurement issues for Peregrino's drilling operations. He will report all activities to the Drilling & Well Planning Leader and will be guided by the Lead Drilling Engineer. The Transactions under the responsibility of this professional must be legal and in accordance with the rules established in Equinor's official documents. The Senior Drilling Engineer will perform his activities in conjunction with the surface team, maintenance planners, preparing drilling programs and detailed operating procedures, general meetings, daily monitoring of well drilling operations, reports, contract management and Contribute to the continuous improvement process in safety, performance and cost.

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  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Good understanding of drilling operations
  • Ability to produce high quality documentation
  • Fluent English, written and spoken
  • 3+ years of oil and gas experience
  • Previous work experience with deepwater drilling
  • Previous offshore experience in drilling-related activities
  • Relevant experience will be an asset

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Personal Quality

  • Commercial understanding and direction, in addition to being focused on security. .
  • Cooperative and enjoys working on project teams, while able to work independently. .
  • Skilled in developing, using and expanding the network of internal and external contacts.
  • Provides high quality work with tight deadlines.
  • Ability to seek creative and successful solutions.
  • Ability to develop trust, respect and teamwork inside and outside the unit itself.
  • Good communication, interpersonal and intercultural skills.
  • Flexibility in terms of Onshore and Offshore work.
  • Identifies closely with Equinor's values
  • Ability to live up to our safety expectations.

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Find out how to apply for Equinor

The application is made directly at the Equinor registration page, CLICK HERE. Remembering that the whole process is in English but if there is any difficulty in translating some terms, use Google Translate, but remember! This tool translates words, not concepts. You can even fool a program, but at the time of the real interview, face to face with HR, it will be the test of fire to know your proficiency in the English language, so never lie on the form or on your resumes. Good luck to everyone!

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