Home Finally, Shell was released and will use ports in Rio and Niterói in its operations

Finally, Shell was released and will use ports in Rio and Niterói in its operations

5 July 2018 to 15: 38
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offshore shell seismic wild cat

The seismic data acquisition campaigns were authorized for Shell in Gato do Mato which will start in 2019

Shell acquired blocks in Gato do Mato and Gato do Mato Sul in the second round of oil auctions in October 2017, but it has only now been authorized to license these assets, as they say, “better late than never”. Remembering that these Anglo-Dutch acquisitions are in the form of a consortium together with the oil company Total, in the Santos Basin pre-salt. In a very naughty way, Shell and other multinationals have been gaining ground in national exploration.

According to Shell, seismic data acquisitions are expected to start in July 2019. The territorial extension that will be covered for data acquisition, is within a perimeter of 9.400 km² that, in the end, will end up taking the area Maromba as well, which could be an indirect and potential benefit for the oil company.

To carry out this type of operation, multilateral logistical planning by the companies involved will be necessary, but the good news is that the port bases in Rio de Janeiro, Niterói and Jacarepaguá will be used in the operations of Shell and the data acquisition company, which will certainly provide more future opportunities in all instances of this sector.

Understand how Seismic Ships work

They are vessels that use cables and sensors several meters long and that are dragged at sea. These systems emit "bursts of sound" towards the ocean floor, which deflect again in the form of 3D images, similar to sonar. There is more advanced equipment that can now emit signals that can be viewed in 4D, providing more complete profiling information and more accurate data.

seismic ship

How the offshore seismic data acquisition system works

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