Home Strong explosion at Petrobras refinery causes turmoil and interruption of production

Strong explosion at Petrobras refinery causes turmoil and interruption of production

20 from 2018 to 15 at 19: XNUMX
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No one was injured in the accident and Petrobras had to stop production at RLAM preventively

A strong explosion shook the largest refinery in Brazil, in the city of Paulínia, in the interior of São Paulo. The refinery fire started after the explosion of a large cracking boiler that reached other smaller distillation ones. For safety reasons, the refinery disposed of excess fuel. The explosions startled Petrobras employees who were working at the time, around one o'clock in the morning. Petrobras' own fire-fighting group sprang into action immediately.

The city's Fire Department was also triggered to help fight the fire. Teams from the fire brigades of seven other industries in the region, which are part of a mutual aid group in emergency cases, also worked to fight the flames.

The fire was brought under control at 4:20 am, but the company's fire brigades and firefighters were still on site carrying out the aftermath to prevent the emergence of new fires. Military police, municipal guards and a team from Cetesb (Environmental Sanitation Technology Company) are also in the industrial complex.

Residents of the region posted messages on social media, stating that a tremor was felt throughout the city after the explosion and that they saw a flash of fire in the sky. Civil Defense reported that residents did not need to leave their homes. An inspection will be carried out in the properties on the morning of this Monday (21).

Petrobrás informed, through a note, that despite the explosion, there were no injuries and the fire has already been quelled. The company also said that it had halted production at the refinery in a preventive manner and was going to create a commission to assess the causes of the fire. Source Petro Notícias

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