Home FPSO Petrojarl I is already arriving in Brazil to operate in the Atlanta Field

FPSO Petrojarl I is already arriving in Brazil to operate in the Atlanta Field

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Petrojarl I

I am looking forward to the Queiros Galvão Oil and Gas group, the FPSO Petrojarl I has just been assembled and is already on its way to Brazil

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]After practically 28 years in activities in the turbulent North Sea, the FPSO  Petrojarl I under Teekay's jurisdiction, is already in the final stages of implementations and will arrive in Brazil in the 1st quarter of 2018 to produce in the Atlanta Field, in the Santos Basin pre-salt. This same unit will provide services to Queiroz Galvão Oil and Gas.

the engineering job

With hard engineering work, half of this unit's equipment was removed and replaced with brand new, high-tech, state-of-the-art machinery, suitable for treating the crude and heavy oil that the Atlanta Field requires.

Mark Witjens, who is the director of Damen Verolme, a company that is also part of the acquisition of this project, said that he is very satisfied with the success of this undertaking and that the execution of the work on this FPSO has opened precedents for new projects of repair and conversion of other units much more complex than Petrojarl 1 in the future. Remembered that it was built in Rotterdam. in the port of the same name.

There were around 14 months at the port dock, with its aquatic systems being remodeled, marine case, water treatment set, boiler rooms in the lower and upper part of the towers. In other words, it was a massive adaptation to get the unit fully functional and operational.

At the same time, high standard prefabrication was coupled with heating, cooling, separation, compression, boilers, centrifuges and a new electronics house with electrical equipment. All pipe joints were then fixed to complete the tops of the installed fittings.

One thing is certain, when QGOG and Petrojarl I start operating effectively, there will be massive job opportunities in the Santos Basin in this field. Will you be prepared? See the article in which I show you the definitive step by step to enter this sector. Sources: Brazil and Energy, Petro Noticias

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