Home Human Resources Group in the United Arab Emirates hires in the maintenance area

Human Resources Group in the United Arab Emirates hires in the maintenance area

8 July 2018 to 10: 24
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Offshore and onshore professionals, technicians and engineers are called now, there are not enough professionals in that region

Have you thought about working in the United Arab Emirates? If the answer is no, know that you may be missing out on a great opportunity for outplacement or your first international job in one of the regions that has been most in demand for professionals in recent years in several areas, but since the focus of our portal is on the energy sector , let's restrict ourselves to it only. An Arab business group recently announced vacancies in the oil sector, here are some of the professionals required according to HR:

Available vacancies


⇒ Operator – Delayed Coker
⇒ Shift Supervisor PDH
⇒ Operator – Special Carbon Black
⇒ Mechanical Supervisor
⇒ Mr. Electrical Engineer
⇒ Electrical Technician
⇒ Mr. Control Engineer
⇒ Mr. Control Engineer
⇒ Instrument Technician
⇒ Instrument Technician
⇒ Mr. Operations Engineer
⇒ Mr. Operations Engineer
⇒ Mr. Operator – Carbon Black
⇒ Operator – Utilities – CBDC
⇒ Mr. Operator – Delayed Coker
⇒ Operator – Offsite
⇒ Operator – Hydro Cracker
⇒ Operator – Hydro Skimmer
⇒ Mr. Operator – Condense
⇒ Shift Supervisor – Condense


⇒ Analyzer Maintenance Technician
⇒ Process Engineer (Gasoline Area)
⇒ Corrosion Engineer – East
⇒ Inspector (integrity issues)
⇒ Mr. Mechanical Engineer Static Equip
⇒ Mr. Mechanical Engineer – Rotating Equipment
⇒ Mr. Mechanical Engineer (static Equipment)
⇒ Mechanical Section Head
⇒ Mechanical Support Engineer
⇒ Instrument Supervisor
⇒ Mechanical Supervisor
⇒ Training Instructor – Instrument
⇒ Mr. Control Engineer
⇒ Training Instructor – Instrument – ​​EAST
⇒ Instrument Technician
⇒ Telecom Technician
⇒ Catholic Protection Technician
⇒ Telecommunication Technician
⇒ Mr. HSEMS Engineer
⇒ Mr. HSEIA Engineer

But why would I have a chance at these selection processes in the Middle East?

It turns out that these regions are lacking in professionals specialized in the oil sector, so many due to cultural issues and geopolitical problems, forcing oil companies to seek professionals from other countries with “willingness and courage” to carry out activities there. On the other hand, exaggeratedly “exorbitant” salaries are very attractive. Luis Franco, one of the editors of our portal, did a LIVE and an article with all the steps you should follow, courses and documents needed to work in the United Arab Emirates, he works there, so click here later to read the article that can change your life.

How can I apply for these vacancies today?

Send your resumes and message in English, follow the contacts below:

“If interested, please e-mail me your CV on and share with your network”

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