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How was the Las Vegas Sphere built? Discover the secrets and revolutionary engineering behind the spectacular MSG Sphere

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 21/06/2024 às 00:10
How the Las Vegas Sphere was Built
Photo: Illustration by MSG Sphere

One of the most impressive and complex objects ever built by man, the idea of ​​the Las Vegas Sphere was conceived in 2016 by Madison Square Garden CEO James Dolan.

MSG Sphere, as it is better known, is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, famous mainly for its arenas for shows and sports. The executive wanted to take the next step towards the future of entertainment and even thought of different designs such as a cube, a pyramid and even a muffin. However, the format chosen was the sphere, which proved to be an excellent choice. After all, the spherical format, in addition to enabling a much wider range of possibilities, also facilitated several of the technologies used. Construction of the Las Vegas Sphere began on September 27, 2018, involving several companies. Want to know how the Las Vegas Sphere was built? Keep reading!

Methods and technologies show how the Las Vegas sphere was built

The beginning of the project was nothing extravagant, because no one could have imagined that an apparently simple structure like this would become something so impressive. After completion, with an initial four-story circular reinforced concrete structure, the MSG Sphere went almost unnoticed when compared to other projects in Las Vegas, but as the project progressed, its peculiar shape began to attract curious glances.

The spherical shape in the construction of the Las Vegas Sphere was only possible thanks to a tubular structure fixed following a triangular mesh divided into 32 trusses weighing almost 100 tons each.

To install the structure, it was necessary to use the largest crane treadmill in the world, capable of rising to a height of 180 m and with a load capacity of 1.600 tons. 

How the Las Vegas Sphere was Built
Photo: Disclosure

The MSG Sphere is made up of two domes, an external one 112 m high, 157 m in diameter and more than 54.000 m² in area, which is considered the largest spherical structure in the world in addition to the largest screen, in area, and an internal dome , significantly smaller than it holds a 16k resolution screen, which is still 18 times larger than the largest cinema screen, which is approximately 830 m², while the entire sphere screen is 15.000 m³.

Under the external structure, more than 1.2 million LED lamps were installed that work exactly like the TV in your home. With three LED colors, red, blue and green, which are capable of simulating any image or color.

MSG Sphere has capacity for more than 18 thousand people

At a certain distance between the domes we also have several levels of stairs to make it possible to maintain all the lamps without having to change them from the outside. With capacity for 18.600 people, the interior of the building is one of the most technological ever built.

One of the highlights is the sound, since the sphere, due to its shape, allows, in the same show or presentation, each row in each stand to watch an event in different languages, with an extremely advanced system. The sphere can project the sound, directing it to a certain point and canceling any and all sounds from other languages.

It's as if each spectator had a headset. All sound is distributed through 167.000 speakers and if that wasn't enough, the environment can also change the temperature, apply vibrations to the seats and even simulate smells according to the image on the screen. Therefore, the construction of the Las Vegas sphere is one of the greatest engineering projects on the planet.

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