Home Mandatory union tax is rejected again by the STF

Mandatory union tax is rejected again by the STF

30 June 2018 to 07: 38
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Trade union entities claim that they have had a brutal drop in their income, which will make the fight for workers' interests more difficult.

Among the parameters of the labor reform, the extinction of the mandatory union tax is included in the new rules, there was still resistance on the part of the entities that live off this contribution, there were actually 19 actions by union bodies to the Federal Supreme Court so that this tax would once again be charged annually on the payroll of formal workers in Brazil, but the STF did not want to hear about the conversation and understood that this contribution is unnecessary.

ministers' votes

6 ministers voted in favor and 3 voted against in order to maintain the new rules of “non-compulsory” payment of this tax. Remembering that Celso de Mello and Ricardo Lewandowski abstained and ended up not participating in the trial:

⇒ voted for favor 6 ministers:

  • Luiz Fux
  • Alexandre de Moraes
  • Luis Roberto Barroso
  • Gilmar Mendes
  • Marco Aurélio Mello
  • Carmen Lucia

⇒ voted against 3 ministers:

  • Edson Fachin, action rapporteur
  • Rosa Weber
  • Toffoli days


What the unions say

Union entities report a brutal negative impact on their collections, which would affect the struggle and causes on behalf of workers, regardless of the category they belong to. Other points cited by them are that the end of this obligation could not be judged the way it was, at least not without a supplementary law or a new amendment to the constitution, which would result in greater support from parliamentarians who are on the side of the unions.

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