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Light Rio starts selection process

7 June 2018 to 22: 05
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light rio electrician vacancies

Job vacancies are for electrician positions to work in Baixada do Rio de Janeiro. Find out what the requirements are and how to apply

The energy concessionaire in Rio de Janeiro, Light, has just started a new selection process for the position of electrician, with a focus on pruning. Currently, it is present in 31 municipalities in the state, serves around 4 million customers and has more than 4 employees. But before applying, Be aware that Manserv started with us another large offshore selection process for its operations in Rio too, find out how to apply here.

Aerial Network Electrician with a focus on Pruning

The main challenges for the positions consist of pruning trees in medium and low voltage electrical distribution networks using live line, proximity and dead line techniques.

Other activities

⇒Assist in the operation and preventive/corrective maintenance of the energized or de-energized electrical grid, as well as substation equipment and installations, with the aim of keeping them in proper operating conditions;
⇒ Assist in the operation of the air system in order to carry out scheduled/emergency services, or respond to customer complaints;
⇒Act in emergency cases, restoring the supply of electricity in cases of system failures;
⇒Stay in the execution of services with safety, quality and cleanliness in the workplace, in addition to using tools and equipment properly.

The fundamental requirements are: Complete high school and an Electrician course, knowledge of safety equipment, emergency response, know how to operate chainsaws and chainsaws and a category B driver's license. West and East. To apply, it is necessary to register on the VAGAS.COM website, log in and then ENTER THE COMPANY APPLICATION PAGE BY CLICKING HERE, register and good luck to everyone!

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