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New Volkswagen Amarok arrives in August in Brazil, but without a second generation that already runs in Europe! Is it worth having the pickup?

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 11/07/2024 às 04:07
Volkswagen. (Image: reproduction/ AI)
Volkswagen. (Image: reproduction/ AI)

The Volkswagen Amarok 2025 arrives in Brazil in August with visual changes inspired by other models of the brand. Maintaining the V6 engine and some classic elements, the new pickup promises to remain a robust option on the market. However, the absence of the second generation with more technology could be a disadvantage.

Are you prepared for the new Volkswagen Amarok? Scheduled to launch in Brazil in August, the manufacturer revealed the first images of the restyled medium pickup, which will be produced at the General Pacheco factory, in Argentina.

The new Amarok 2025 brings aesthetic changes inspired by other Volkswagen models, but still maintains many elements from the previous generation. Let's find out what has really changed and what has stayed the same.

According to information from the Autoesporte website, the main novelty in the Amarok 2025 is the front look, which adopts a similar style to Saveiro. The pickup also inherits the Nivus' triangular fog lights and LED headlights with a similar shape to the Golf.

In the Extreme version, the grille features an illuminated bar with the V6 emblem just below it., indicating the powerful engine. According to the images, the rear will have subtle changes, such as new graphics on the taillights and the updated “Amarok” name on the trunk lid.

Details that don't change

However, not everything is new. The side arrow indication remains on the fender, instead of being integrated into the rear view mirror, as in more modern vehicles. The first generation Amarok, launched in 2010, maintains some of its original elements in the 2025 version.

Inside the cabin, the changes are more modest. The 2025 Volkswagen Amarok will not have a new steering wheel or an update to the instrument panel, which remains intact. The pickup will still be opened using a conventional pocket knife key, instead of the expected “keyless” in-person key.

On the other hand, the multimedia center will be updated and the seats will have new stitching, providing a touch of renewal in the interior.

Under the hood, the powertrain remains the same: a 6 turbodiesel V3.0 of the current version. If there is no new calibration, the power remains at 258 hp and the torque at 59,1 kgfm, with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

And the Second Generation Amarok?

While Brazil awaits the restyling of the Amarok, other countries are already receiving the second generation of the medium pickup, developed in partnership with Ford since 2019. According to Autoesporte, the decision not to bring the new generation to South America came from Volkswagen itself.

The new generation, which uses the technical base of the Ford Ranger, features a modern and robust design, as well as more technology features. In Europe, the already tested Amarok has an electronic parking brake and cameras spread across the body, but these resources will not yet be available to Brazilians.

Future perspectives

Volkswagen is betting on an updated look and specific improvements to keep the Amarok competitive in the Brazilian market. However, the arrival of the second generation is still uncertain. Will Brazilian consumers miss the technological innovations that the new generation promises?

The new Volkswagen Amarok 2025 arrives with a renewed look and some updates, but maintains classic elements that appeal to fans of the brand. With a powerful engine and some technological improvements, the Amarok promises to continue to be a strong option in the medium pickup truck segment in Brazil.

Do you think the new Volkswagen Amarok 2025 will conquer the Brazilian market or will the absence of the second generation with more technology be missed?

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