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ONS reveals plans worth R$49 billion for the electricity sector by 2028

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Published 29/12/2023 às 19:53
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Investment in electrical infrastructure to strengthen the SIN

The National Electric System Operator (ONS) released in December the details of the Medium-Term Electrical Operation Plan for the National Interconnected System (SIN), covering the period from 2024 to 2028. This ambitious plan estimates a total investment of R$49 billion, with R$4,9 billion in new works and R$44,1 billion in previous projects still pending approval.

The focus of these investments includes the expansion of transmission lines and new substations, with auctions scheduled for December 15, 2023. These efforts aim to improve the infrastructure of the electricity sector, ensuring its efficiency and reliability.

Distribution of investments and challenges of renewable sources

Analysis by state reveals that five regions – Maranhão, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Piauí and Bahia – concentrate approximately 71% of total future investments. This aspect highlights the strategic importance of each state in the development of the national electricity sector.

One of the main challenges addressed in the PAR/PEL 2023 It is the management of renewable energy sources, such as wind and photovoltaic, which present high variability. The growing participation of these sources in the Brazilian electricity matrix requires a careful balance between supply and demand to maintain system stability.

Innovation and expansion in the electricity sector

Currently, centralized wind and photovoltaic plants in Brazil have an installed capacity of 38 GW, expected to reach 54 GW by the end of 2027. This does not include the expansion of Micro and Mini Distributed Generation (MMGD), which could reach around 40 GW by 2027.

To deal with this expansion, the electrical system must have sufficient flexibility to manage variations such as load ramps and deviations from forecasts. O ONS projects dispatchable generation ramps of approximately 25 GW on weekdays in January 2024, a volume that is expected to double by 2028.

Furthermore, the plan highlights the importance of investments in transmission to allow the efficient flow of surplus generation from the North/Northeast to other regions of the country. The transmission auctions held in 2023 and those planned for 2024 are crucial to achieving these objectives.

Interactive access to PAR/PEL information

To facilitate access to information, starting this year, the PAR/PEL will be consolidated into an interactive panel available on the ONS website. This panel will include all relevant documents, such as the Executive Summary and detailed reports, providing a comprehensive view of the planning and challenges of the Brazilian electricity sector.

The PAR/PEL is an essential tool for evaluating the performance of the SIN, aiming to guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the electrical system in the medium term. It considers the growing complexity brought by the greater participation of renewable sources and seeks to develop strategies that strengthen the resilience and security of the SIN in the face of these changes.

In summary, the PAR/PEL 2023 of the ONS represents a significant step towards the future of the Brazilian electricity sector. With substantial investments and a vision focused on innovation and sustainability, the plan prepares Brazil to face the challenges of a rapidly changing energy scenario.

Source: Press information – ONS – Approach Comunicação – Fabio Cunha dos Santos

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