Home Opportunity for Machining Process Operator

Opportunity for Machining Process Operator

9 October 2018 to 09: 15
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Opportunity for Machining Process Operator

Multinational hiring a Machining Process Operator to work at its plant in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro

Multinational from the industrial sector opens selection process for Machining Process Operator in one of its factories in Petrópolis, city of Rio de Janeiro. This professional must have skills in machine operation (serial machining), control of measurements and tolerances, experience with a caliper, micrometer, experience in machining and the ability to solve possible deviations. Pro-active, committed, responsible and willing to grow.

Machining Process Operator – Petrópolis

  • High school
  • SENAI Training


Carry out recovery of aeronautical parts, in terms of size, wear, etc., through machining processes, such as:

  • Machining – conventional method : Turning; Hurricane; Milling; Finishing/Adjustment and Grinding
  • Machining – CNC machines (program or 0,1 mm)
  • Machining – non-conventional methods: Electroerosion; laser drilling

How to apply for the job

In a job interview you will be asked about your best skills and your biggest weaknesses. You must reveal your strongest qualities to the fullest. Say that you are quick to fulfill orders, you can easily manage your schedule, organize the entire work process, and so on. You have to mention all your positives so your employer knows what you're capable of. In case you are asked about your weaknesses, you must be honest and say all of them. However, you must prove to your employer that you can easily handle everyone and would never interrupt the work process. To participate in the selection process click HERE to complete your registration.

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