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The P-75 oil platform arrives in the Santos Basin

11 from 2018 from September to 23: 19
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petrobras oil platform p-75

After having its construction completed by the Rio Grande shipyard on the high seas, it is now part of the Brazilian pre-salt production fleet

After being manufactured in China, the P-75 platform is now in Brazil, on the coast of Rio Grande, in the south of Rio Grande do Sul, to have construction completed. It will be the sixth platform completed in the state, after the P-53, P-55, P-58, P-63 and P-74.

The completion of the P-75, however, will be different: the vessel will not dock at the shipyard's pier. The entire completion process will be carried out offshore. It will be used to explore oil and natural gas in the Santos Basin, on the coast of São Paulo.

It is yet another chapter in the work that began in 2013, when Petrobras and the QGI Shipyard, located in Rio Grande, signed the contract. By decision of Petrobras, most of the P-75 project was carried out at the Cosco shipyard, in Dalian.

In May, the platform began its journey to Rio Grande. Now, it is at the entrance to the port, where it undergoes final tests and inspection by the Federal Revenue Service. About 200 people are on board, mobilized in the operation. At the end of the year, the P-75 starts operating with a capacity to produce 150 barrels of oil and 6 million cubic meters of gas per day. At the end of the year, the arrival of the P-77 platform, also ordered by Petrobras, is expected.

At the height of operations, the naval sector in Rio Grande employed more than 20 workers. Today, according to the Metallurgists Union, around 250 people are still employed.

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