Home Porto do Açu starts the week with 12 spots available

Porto do Açu starts the week with 12 spots available

9 from 2018 from September to 21: 59
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Porto do Açu starts the week with 12 spots available

Company that operates in Porto do Açu starts the week by opening 12 vacancies for professionals with operational experience

Company located in Porto do Açu starts the week offering 12 opportunities for contractions in the operations sector. Professionals need to have experience in the role and live close to the port (Fields and surroundings). The Port of Açu has concentrated several companies due to the increase in activities there. Let's go to spaces.

Vacancies and Requirements

  • Vacancies: Riggers
  • Quantity: 12
  • Location: Porto do Acu

Job Requirements

Although the company did not make available the requirements for the selection process, professionals who have experience in the role, fill out the curriculum with all the courses that are part of Rigger's activities. The Rigger area professional assists in the selection of cables, ropes, pulleys, winches, blocks and pulleys according to the weight and size of the load to be moved. Attaches cargo with securing devices such as ties, wires, ropes and chains for moving with cranes.

Employees who are selected by RBW Services must have the knowledge, skills and ability to use various rigging equipment in association with a lifting device to relocate, lift and lower parts, materials or other equipment.

How to apply

Interested candidates send resume to In the subject of the email put the name of the vacancy.

Maersk Supply Service has vacancies open for Brazil

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