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Possibility of expanding users and businesses: multinational SolaX Power is optimistic about the project approved by the Chamber of Deputies

Written by Simone Cesário
Published 21/05/2024 às 13:44

“We welcome the project that aims to serve low-income consumers with solar energy. It is a way of promoting independence and energy efficiency to different audiences”, Gilberto Camargos, executive director of SolaX Power

The distance between renewable energy sources, especially solar, and the population in general has become increasingly smaller. This is because, the downward trend in the prices of photovoltaic modules, which, in January 2024 alone, saw a reduction of 30% compared to the same month of the previous year (according to research by Greener Consultoria), combined with government actions to expand the The use of this source has made it possible to expand access and the range of users of solar energy in Brazil.

A recent example of these actions is the project approved by the Chamber of Deputies to encourage the generation of solar energy among low-income consumers. The text, which will be approved by the Senate, indicates that mini and microelectric power generation plants should preferably use photovoltaic solar energy generation systems. These photovoltaic plants can be installed in rural areas, suspended over the surface of reservoirs or in homes under the Minha Casa, Minha Vida Program.

This is an initiative that we welcome. Any incentive to promote people's energy independence is welcome to develop both solar energy and energy efficiency. Furthermore, it is a possibility that solar energy serves different customer profiles.

Of course, we also visualize the business potential for companies in the sector. SolaX Power, for example, which is third in the world ranking of the hybrid inverter market (according to data from S&P Global Commodity Insights), recently started its Brazilian operation and is in the process of expanding in the country. In this sense, the company sees optimism about this initiative.

We are following the progress of the project, now in the Senate, because we have equipment that serves both larger photovoltaic plants, which would be used through cooperatives, and the microinverter solution, which could be used in solutions aimed at Minha Casa homes. , My life. So, if approved, we are ready to handle the two types of projects listed in the text.

It is worth mentioning that these initiatives that disseminate and make solar energy more accessible, contribute to Brazil maintaining a considerable rate of growth in the sector. We are sixth in the world ranking with the highest installed solar power and the country has already surpassed the mark of 29 GW of operational installed power in homes, businesses, industries, rural properties and public buildings in the country, according to Absolar (Brazilian Solar Energy Association) . As a result, more than 3,7 million consumer units are already served by photovoltaic energy.

SolaX Power works all over the world to transform the planet into a greener, more sustainable place, and broad access to renewable energy is a fundamental part of this process of transforming our society.

Gilberto Camargos
Executive Director of SolaX Power in Brazil

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Simone Cesário

Simone Cesário, press officer with over 20 years of experience

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