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Pro Metal Industrial is hiring in multiple roles

18 April 2018 10 gies: 06
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for metal boilermaking

To work in its industrial line of manufacture of metallic parts in various modalities of the company and direct contact.

About the company - Founded in 1985, Pro-Metal over the years has stood out in the market for being a customer-focused company. Having two business units, the company offers the best solutions in the manufacture of metallic components, serving various segments in the market, such as: Automotive (auto parts and motorcycle parts), White Goods (household appliances) and Industrial (machines in general).

About vacancies

At the moment, the company has 8 open positions, no educational requirements or place of residence have been informed, only experience in some functions. See some of them below.

  • Computer Technician;
  • Maintenance electrician;
  • Maintenance mechanic;
  • Development and process engineer (with experience in metal stamping processes);
  • Toolmaker (with experience in cutting, bending and drawing)
  • PCP programmer;
  • Cost/Budget Analyst.

Interested and within the function, send your resumes to, stating in the subject the name of the vacancy you wish to apply for. Did you know that Amarinha opened another competition for those who want to get their maritime charter in the role of Cook, Taifeiro, Nursing Assistant and Health Assistant? Go for it because it might be your chance to get it, the information to register you can get it in the contest matter here.

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