Home Human Resources with vacancies for Electrician and Mechanic Welder

Human Resources with vacancies for Electrician and Mechanic Welder

26 from 2018 from September to 11: 28
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Human Resources with vacancies for Electrician and Mechanic Welder

Recruitment and selection company opens job opportunities in the city of Paranaguá in Paraná seeking professional Electrician and Mechanic Welder

The human resources of a recruitment and selection company is hiring technical professionals to work on a large project in the city of Paranaguá, Paraná. The main vacancies are for professionals with welding, electrical and mechanical experience. In addition to the vacancies mentioned, there are also vacancies for general service assistants with many vacancies to be filled immediately. If you are a professional in one of the areas mentioned above, take advantage of the opportunity because the recruiter is recognized for the number of hires provided by her.

Let's go to the great jobs

General Services Assistant (Female and Male)-  They work in companies and public cleaning agencies, in building condominiums, in commercial and industrial companies, as wage earners and with a formal contract, the activities are carried out indoors or outdoors.

Welder –  They join and cut metal alloy parts using welding and cutting processes, such as coated electrode, tig, mig, mag, oxygas, submerged arc, brazing, plasma. They prepare equipment, accessories, welding and cutting consumables and parts to be welded.

Industrial Electrician –  They plan electrical services, install high and low voltage distribution. They assemble and repair electrical installations and auxiliary equipment in homes, industrial, commercial and service establishments.

Industrial mechanic - Perform maintenance on components, equipment and industrial machines; plan maintenance activities; evaluate operating conditions and performance of machinery and equipment components; lubricate machines, components and tools.

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