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Welders are required by IES do Brasil to work on works

27 June 2018 to 05: 38
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Take advantage of this great opportunity for welders, send your resumes, share and install our application

For professional welders, we have good news, IES Brasil (International Equipment Solutions) launches a large selection process this week to attract labor, with the official publication of the company. The requirements are varied and although they are not so strict, they are very specific, so follow them religiously so that your chances of being summoned are maximized. If you wish, install our APP “Vacancies and News CPG” for Android on Google Play, opportunities every 30 minutes from 8 am to 18 pm in this function and other areas.


  • Read and interpret the drawing and/or assembly and welding instruction sheet, check the quantity to be produced specified in the production order of the assembly to be assembled and welded.
  • Prepare the joints of the parts to be assembled and welded with a wire brush or electric grinder and apply anti-splash.
  • Adjust the MIG/MAG welding equipment as specified in the Welding Instruction Sheet (FIS).
  • Position and dot parts forming sets according to the drawing or instruction sheet, using a device.
  • Place the assembly in the welding positioner or bench and carry out the welding with or without preheating, through an electric arc in the flat, horizontal, (1F, 2F, 1G, 2G) and Plug positions, according to the specifications of the drawing or instruction sheet of welding.
  • Check with a comparator the dimensions of the welds performed, in millimeters or inches, to certify their accuracy.
  • Perform visual inspection, according to checklist or inspection plan.
  • Carry out repairs using an electric grinder when necessary.
  • Guide apprentice welders in carrying out tasks.
  • Notify work abnormalities, informing about machine operation, non-compliant parts, lack of material or any irregularity, for the necessary measures and avoid qualitative and quantitative decrease.
  • Take care of measuring instruments, calibrators, tools and devices, keeping them calibrated and in a safe place.
  • Perform housekeeping, cleaning machines and workplace.
  • Comply with occupational safety and hygiene standards.

Interested and within the function, please send your resumes to, inform in the title of the message the name of the vacancies, length of experience and your current city of residence, example: “Welder, 5 years experience, Maricá -RJ”. Salaries and benefits will be informed at the time of the interview, welders from anywhere in Brazil can apply, as long as they have the requested attributions. For more opportunities in this role, access other articles here.

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