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Tecno Diver seeks divers in the Campos and Santos Basin

23 from 2017 from September to 09: 58
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underwater welder

Calls are for reserve registration for future contracts for divers in offshore activities.

Founded in 1990, Tecno Diver has been involved in challenging projects since its inception, providing efficient and often innovative solutions in its maritime operations. Its history reveals a deep commitment to the development and execution of services that meet and exceed the expectations of its customers, with diving services in Rio de Janeiro (big river), Macaé and Vitória-ES. Headquartered in Macaé, it operates intensively in the onshore and offshore market, ensuring the satisfaction of its customers. Here are some of their services below:

Magnetic particle testing, Underwater visual inspection, Wall thickness measurement – ​​ultrasound, Electrochemical potential measurement, Pull-in and pull-out, Assembly of underwater structures, Installation and removal of anodes, Mechanical protection, Paving of rigid ducts , Shore end (cables), Coating application, Flange connection, Hyperbaric welding, Bell mouth installation, Pipeline repair and Hull cleaning.

How to work at Tecno Diver

At the moment, she is receiving resumes for oil activities in the Campos and Santos Basins, but to apply, you must be a resident of Macaé, Rio das Ostras and Campos dos Goytacazes, this is not negotiable, it is mandatory! In addition, professionals must have proven experience in the function and obtain the hyperbolic ASO up to date.

To apply, send an email to, putting the following format in the subject: Diver – City of Residence (Macaé, Campos or Rio das Ostras) – Your Name. If you want to know more about Underwater Welding, click here.

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