Home JOB VACANCIES: AMBEV has opportunities for those who have finished high school; there are more than 400 opportunities

JOB VACANCIES: AMBEV has opportunities for those who have finished high school; there are more than 400 opportunities

10 June 2024 to 13: 02
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Ambev has job vacancies open. (Image: reproduction)
Ambev has job vacancies open. (Image: reproduction)

Are you looking for job vacancies? If so, know that Ambev is looking for people, including those without higher education, who have only completed high school.

In total, the company has today, according to a check carried out by the Click Oil and Gas this Monday (10), 451 job openings.

These chances are for several cities, in states like São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and others.

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According to Ambev, a company in the beverage sector, the company is looking for candidates who are proactive, committed and willing to work in a commercial environment.

Furthermore, the organization highlights that it values ​​diversity and inclusion. Along these lines, Ambev says it encourages people from all backgrounds to apply, as the company believes that a plurality of experiences and perspectives enriches its work environment.

The minimum requirements to work at Ambev vary from position to position

As mentioned, some vacancies only require that the interested party has completed high school. One of these opportunities is for the position of prosecutor.

In this role, the company requires, in addition to the aforementioned education, that the candidate has discipline and organization, excellent interpersonal skills and availability for external work.

In addition to the aforementioned, the company has vacancies in positions such as:

  • Junior Lawyer;
  • Analysis of Sales Results;
  • Customer Service Analyst;
  • Purchase analyst;
  • Financial analyst;
  • Electrician I;
  • Engineering;
  • Data Analysis Specialist;
  • Purchasing Specialist, and others.

Ambev Benefits and Advantages

In addition to salaries that, according to the company, are attractive, Ambev employees enjoy numerous additional benefits.

These include: health and dental plan, discounts on products, Christmas basket, gympass and private pension.

How to apply for one of the vacancies at Ambev

The interested person must access the Ambev vacancies on the Gupy portal by clicking here. It is there that the candidate will be able to check more information about the company's chances and selection process.

Ambev's Organizational Culture

On its website, Ambev highlights having a vibrant organizational culture, rooted in bold dreams and solid values.

In this sense, the company highlights its commitment to becoming increasingly inclusive, diverse, collaborative and connected to the future.

The practice of active listening is prioritized by Ambev, which says it is always seeking to value the perspectives and ideas of all employees.

Furthermore, the company states that teamwork and collaboration are highlighted as fundamental to the company's success, which fosters an environment of cooperation and synergy.

Not enough, the company highlights that, with a long-term vision, it has invested in the continuous development of its professionals and also in building a sustainable future.

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