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Offshore vacancies published less than 1 hour ago in Macaé

26 June 2018 to 08: 50
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alphatec offshore vacancies

New call for offshore professionals in Macaé on several work fronts, read the article carefully and affectionately

More offshore vacancies have just been released by Alplhatec, located in Macaé - RJ, some of these are repeated and others are new, if we take as a parameter the last process officially published by it on social networks. But before proceeding to the selection process, we want to express some opinions and best practices when applying, especially at Alphatec. So, read carefully and with care the following dissertation, because they are based on facts:

We spoke with Alphatec

We were talking to one of those responsible for Alphatec last week, regarding some of their disclosures that we posted on our portals, so far so good, since we have included the sources in the articles. What weighs is the fact that you (not all) are defaming the company's name, saying that it never hires and that the vacancies are fake, they literally see what you do on social networks, it doesn't matter if it's on Facebook, on Linkedin or another medium, many are “self-sabotaging” because of this. Would you put someone who hates you in the same house as you? Reflection remains… the difference is that you do it publicly.

⇒ Another point is the practice of "heating your wallet", friends, that simply doesn't stick anymore, it is now possible to consult the CNIS and your Corporate Name, this practice is a crime of Ideological Falsity, of course the company will not waste time denouncing it, but if If they do this the first time, it's done for you, they won't even dream of going in again.

⇒ We have many followers who managed to join the company just because of their professional competence, without referring or buying jobs. It is a serious company and since I understand myself (PAULO NOGUEIRA), it has been acting firmly and strongly in this sense. So that you have an idea, when we publish here on the site, they receive more than 10 emails at once, they simply cannot look at all of them, it's impossible, it's a lottery issue.


* Understood friends? keep your sorrows and frustrations to yourself, don't expose anything negative about the company you are applying for on social media, so let's go to the vacancies!

Open positions at Alphatec June 26, 2018

  • Helper
  • offshore boilermaker
  • Boiler Offshore Climber
  • Offshore Power and Control Electrician
  • Offshore Production Supervisor
  • Intern
  • Offshore Painting Inspector Escalator N3
  • Offshore LP Welding Inspector
  • Light Vehicle Driver
  • Offshore Painter Climber
  • Offshore Monitoring and Control Technician
  • Offshore Outliner Planning Technician
  • TIG welder ER Offshore climber
  • Offshore Safety Technician

Interested and within the function, send your CV to, all these opportunities are extended to PWD. In order for your chances of getting a selection process in the company to increase, it is necessary that you identify the e-mail properly, for example: “Offshore boilermaker – 2 years of experience – Current courses – Macaé”, ready! You just got the recruiter's attention with just the title! If you know of people who are looking for hospitality opportunities, De Nadai is looking for indications, access the article here.

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