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Fiat Uno, the NATIONAL FAVORITE, is resurrected in 2024 for R$ 70 thousand to displace current popular cars 

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 20/12/2023 às 23:24
Fiat Uno, the NATIONAL FAVORITE, is resurrected in 2024 with an impressive price of R$ 70 thousand to displace current popular cars
Photo: Automais

The new Fiat Uno 2024 promises to shake up the popular car market with its innovative hybrid system, estimated to cost around R$70.

Car aficionados will have plenty of reasons to celebrate: the Fiat Uno, a true icon of the Brazilian market, is scheduled to make a triumphant return in 2024. Reviving the essence of popular cars, the model promises to be a great threat to the competition. The new version of the Fiat Uno 2024 will come with a hybrid system equipped with the 1.0 Firefly engine, combining tradition and innovation.

New Fiat Uno 2024 delivers 70 hp and promises to displace current popular cars

With a more conventional style and light hybrid propulsion, the Fiat Uno is already the best-selling car in Italy in recent years. In fact, although it is nicknamed Fiat Uno, the model is called Fiat Panda, an urban version that differs from the Cross model only in appearance. Called Urban, it has black exterior mirrors, black side stripes and does not have the plastic protections along the body that give it an off-road look.

O Panda Hybrid Urban promises to put an end to popular cars and is equipped with the mild hybrid system (MHEV) consisting of the 1.0 horsepower 3 70-cylinder Firefly gasoline engine associated with a 3,6 kW BSG electric generator. The car recovers energy during braking and deceleration, which is stored in a lithium battery with a capacity of 11 Ah. It works on a 12 volt electrical system and is responsible for assisting acceleration and also for restarting the engine in “Stop&Start” mode. The transmission is always a six-speed manual.

New Fiat Uno 2024 could reach the Brazilian market costing R$ 70 thousand (in direct conversion and without considering taxes)

Now included in the range of versions, the Fiat Uno 2024, which will put an end to popular cars, is now available for sale in several European markets and has prices between 11.785 euros (R$ 70.200) and 15.684 euros (R$ 93.520). This technology's mission is to reduce CO2 emissions.

The approved consumption is 24,1 km/l, which corresponds to 93 grams of CO2 per km. To give you an idea, the 1.2 Fire gasoline engine with the same power achieves 17 km/l and has emissions of 5 g/km.

According to data from the automaker, one of the ways to improve Fiat's profitability would be to unify the lines in Europe and Brazil, starting in 2024. With this statement from François, head of the brand, there is a chance that the new Fiat Uno 2024 will become a option for our market, playing the role that the Uno had as an entry model.

Fiat Uno also gets an electric version

In addition to the hybrid version, there will also be a Panda with a 100% electric engine, with a more modern design and technological features.

On the hood, the model that will be launched by Fiat next year is taller and the lower part of the bumper is larger, which gives it a sportier feel. However, the side is simple, with softer lines and a crease that runs along the side of the model.

Therefore, the Fiat Uno 2024 will be offered with configurations of 82 and 109 horsepower and torque of 245 Nm. The battery has a capacity of 50 kWh, thus guaranteeing a range of 100 to 500 km. It is worth remembering that the model will have brand batteries BYD, which is a reference in the electric segment. The price of this electric variant has not been disclosed, but Fiat claims that it will be one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market.

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