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Saudi Arabia announces 400-meter-high cube-shaped building

14 May 2024 to 22: 14
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Saudi Arabia announces new mega-project: the world's largest cube-shaped skyscraper measuring 400 meters high!
Saudi Arabia designs the world's largest cube-shaped skyscraper — Photo: New Murabba Development Company/Disclosure

'Saudi Arabia's Cube was recently announced and will be the tallest skyscraper in the world. The project should be completed by 2030 and will have 400 meters high, wide and long.

Saudi Arabia never ceases to surprise with its incredible buildings. One of the most recent developments was called El Cubo, also known as El Mukaab, the world's tallest skyscraper that is part of a new district, Nueva Murabba, in the country's capital, Riyadh. Check out all the construction details "The cube" from Saudi Arabia.

What is the objective of “The Cube” in Saudi Arabia?

For many, the project for the world's largest skyscraper was a marketing ploy to position the country as one of the most incredible and sophisticated tourist destinations on the planet.

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Other analysts argue that the Saudi Arabia Hub is just one of many initiatives that show the trend of elevating this Middle Eastern country to the top of global elite tourism.

Mukaab has infrastructure equivalent to 20 times the Empire State building in New York — Photo: New Murabba Development Company/Disclosure

The list of mega-constructions under development is diverse and extensive, among the new structures the Jeddah Tower, Line, Downtown Circle, Trojan and Oxagon stand out. These megaprojects are aligned with the strategic plan called “Vision 2030”, which is led by the Government and a group of private companies, including Oracle and Nvidia.

Now, the new jewel of this proposal is the Cube, the largest skyscraper in the world, which would be built in a new district of Riyadh, the country's capital, which has more than seven million inhabitants. This proposal, which aspires to be one of the main modern centers on the planet, would be in the center of the Nova Murabba district, a space that would have more than 80 commercial establishments, indoor walking trails, a large museum and its main attraction The Arabian Cube Saudi or The Mukaab, who was presented as the new face of Riyadh.

Enterprise 'Saudi Arabia's Cube will be 400 meters tall

The exterior appearance of O Cubo is inspired by Najdi architecture, which has been used there for hundreds of years, and promises to shine every afternoon for the city. The building would be 400 meters high, 400 meters wide and the same depth standard.

Developers claim that visitors would have an immersive experience upon entering the world's largest skyscraper. According to the architects, it would be possible to observe everything around, both the landscape of Mars and the geography of the seabed. The developers aim to make it a magical journey for everyone who ventures upon joining.

At the center of the Saudi Arabian Cube there would be a spiral tower that would offer everything from restaurants to hotel rooms, cinemas, theaters and several observation platforms. Both the tower and the dome (responsible for holographic projection) would be surrounded by a giant cube. At the vertices of the cube, there would be buildings that could be defined as four skyscrapers, L-shaped.

the largest skyscraper in the world built in Saudi Arabia promises to be completed in 2030

The top of the world's largest skyscraper would offer a kind of high-rise park, with lakes, trees and lawns. An oasis for visitors. The intention is to transform this building into a journey in itself.

Saudi Arabia's Cube is expected to become the country's icon, just like New York's Statue of Liberty or Paris's Eiffel Tower. If everything goes according to plan, the project should be completed in 2030.

The objective of these ventures is to ensure that the country does not depend on oil, to this end, they consider these works and tourism as the main alternative businesses. One of the central pieces of this strategic plan is Neom or The Line, a modern city 170 km long, which will require an estimated investment of one trillion dollars.

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