Home Registration for the Transpetro Contest ends today. Run because there's still time and it's easy

Registration for the Transpetro Contest ends today. Run because there's still time and it's easy

9 February 2018 to 14: 26
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Transpetro Tender 2018

If you are a technician or engineer, don't let this opportunity pass you by. Sign up until 23:59 today and guarantee your dream job in the area

Now is the time to sign up for the Transpetro tender, you literally have just a few hours to try to enter one of Petrobras' subsidiaries and secure your long-awaited offshore job in the oil and gas business. It's worth doing even if you don't pass now, but I tell you it's pretty easy. Take experience for the next one because there will be other contests in the future. At the end of the article, we separate handouts for this purpose, for now, see what are the open positions: 



Junior Environmental Technician

Junior Administration and Control Technician

Junior Pipeline Range Technician

Junior Equipment and Facilities Inspection Technician

Junior Maintenance Technician - Automation

Junior Maintenance Technician - Electrical

Junior Maintenance Technician - Mechanics

Junior Operation Technician

Junior Goods and Services Supply Technician



Junior Engineer - Automation

Junior Engineer - Civil

Junior Engineer - Electrical

Junior Engineer - Geotechnical

Junior Engineer - Mechanics

Junior Engineer - Naval

Junior Engineer - Processing (Chemical)

Junior Engineer - Production

Junior Engineer - Telecommunications

*Administrators, Analysts, Lawyers, Journalism, Environment and Doctors, complete the other higher education courses (Consult the Announcement).

Do you need to be a mariner to participate?

The answer is no! In fact, this is a great differential of this contest. As Transpetro is a subsidiary, it has a very strong presence in the maritime segment, including in last month's tender he asked the CIR as a criterion to sign with the companies, but in this tender it will not be necessary, only the technician and the superior in the corresponding area It's already good enough to do the tests.

In total, Transpetro is making 1788 vacancies available, of which 138 are for immediate start and the remainder (1650) will be allocated to the reserve register. From today until March 7th, you will be able to register, paying a fee that can be R$ 47 or R$ 67, according to the desired position.

Sign up for the Transpetro tender using the links below:

SUBSCRIBE TO THE 2018 TRANPETRO CONTEST BY CLICKING HERE. If you don't want to miss this great chance, WE ARE PROVIDING WORKOUTS COMMON TO ALL POSITIONS, GET THEM BY CLICKING HERE. Luck is the result of preparation finding the opportunity, but it rarely appears twice, so grab this opportunity and go for it, complaining is of absolutely no use!

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