Home Bomb! About 150 jobs in the oil sector will be created in the Campos Basin

Bomb! About 150 jobs in the oil sector will be created in the Campos Basin

29 June 2017 to 09: 52
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150 thousand offshore jobs

The main oil and gas regulatory agencies in Brazil have just released an official note

Stage of relentless discussions and clashes 6 years ago, when the divisions of royalties were announced, the economy of municipalities that live off the economy and oil resources, suffered a real blow to their revenues. When the crisis arrived, this ripple effect only made the situation worse. But after Brazil Offshore Fair 2017, it seems that the negative situation is starting to reverse, after Petrobras revealed at the event that it will revitalize oil fields in maturation. Look, this is real, these are technical data released by the state company itself and the regulatory agency.

At the fair, there was a meeting of large global oil companies, whose focus was to settle all the technical details to maximize the productivity of the assets that are already being operated, injecting capital in a mutual and shared way between the oil operators grids in the world. In addition, it was agreed that multinationals can now “freely” share their technologies with us, leaving aside a bit of the corporatist concept and working as a team.

The initiative called "É Quero Investir" arose from the need to create new regulations in offshore activities in the country, trying to force the federal government and Congress to review these guidelines that impose difficulties for the recovery of the economy in Brazil, when it comes to making flexibility and lower fees for exploration, research and production of fossil fuels.

150 jobs in the offshore sector, what do you mean?

In conferences held with Petrobras and regulatory agencies, it was revealed that in its business plan the revitalization of the oil fields in the Campos Basin will be fundamental, the technical data of this process, show that the employability potential will be very high and there will be production until 2052 and by then should generate around 150 jobs at least. Macaé, known internationally as the National Petroleum Capital, is the focus and attracts the eyes of large multinationals. But for the city to re-consecrate itself once and for all, it is necessary for Porto do Barreto to get off the ground and overcome political obstacles once and for all.

You see, not just one city or a few cities will benefit, but all of Rio de Janeiro and who knows, even other states.

We at Click Petróleo e Gás are monitoring the market and attentive to the CONFIRMED AND TRUE opportunities that may appear. We closed several partnerships at the Brasil Offshore event and soon we will become your official channel in the sector. So that you don't miss anything, put your email in the contact field below to receive information directly in your message box when new publications come out.

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