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FIVE websites with TOTALLY free online courses

10 June 2024 to 09: 25
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Free online courses; (Image: reproduction)
Free online courses; (Image: reproduction)

Professional or extracurricular courses are a great opportunity for those who want to boost their CV.

However, many are paid, which makes access difficult for interested people but without financial resources. With that in mind, the Click Oil and Gas separated five websites that offer places on courses that, in addition to being online, are completely free.

Currently, online courses are an excellent option, as they generally offer flexible scheduling, meaning the person can study at their own pace. This is a great chance for anyone who has a busy schedule or other responsibilities.

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Today, it is possible to find courses on practically any subject. Many are paid, but in this article, you can check out five that are completely free. A great chance for those who want to boost their CV without spending anything.

5 websites with completely free online courses


Very well-known platform, the Coursera has been gaining more and more followers in Brazil. Proof of this is that, according to the company, there are currently more than 2690 course specialties.

The main focus of the courses is on areas such as marketing, design, entrepreneurship, history and personal development.

On the platform, all classes are free, but if the person is interested in obtaining a certificate for the module studied, they must pay an amount that costs on average US$29.

Today, giant companies and entities such as Google, University of São Paulo (USP), Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA) and Stanford University, in the United States, are partners on the platform.


Another institution with free places on courses is the Social Service of Industry (Sesi), considered one of the most reputable entities in Brazil when it comes to vocational education.

Today, Sesi is focused on the business area and, therefore, its courses cover subjects such as administration, mathematics, corporate communication, writing and financial education. According to the entity, those who pass the courses receive a free certificate.

Prime Courses

Maintained by the Brazilian Distance Education Association, Prime Cursos has more than 20 areas with free courses. Topics include administration, gastronomy, music and foreign languages.

Classes are presented in text and photos, and materials are available at no cost. On the other hand, to obtain the certificate after completing the course, in addition to undergoing an assessment, you will need to pay a fee of R$49,90.


Quite famous, Veduca has courses that cover topics such as people management, financial mathematics, Libras and scientific methodology. In addition, there are also opportunities for those interested in areas such as sustainability and engineering.

If the opportunity is free, the same cannot be said about the certificate. This is because, to obtain the document, you must pass a test and pay R$99.


Finally, we have the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), one of the most prestigious in the country, which offers a wide variety of free online courses, with topics such as Public Administration.

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