Home Discover the Navship Shipyard: one of the largest shipyards in Brazil, located in Navegantes, SC

Discover the Navship Shipyard: one of the largest shipyards in Brazil, located in Navegantes, SC

3 April 2024 14 gies: 47
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Discover the Navship Shipyard: one of the largest shipyards in Brazil, located in Navegantes, SC
Photo: Disclosure/Navship

Navship Shipyard, part of the American giant Edison Chouest Offshore, strengthens the Santa Catarina economy with its advanced facilities in Navegantes, employing around five thousand professionals and standing out as one of the largest and most innovative shipyards in Brazil.

The Navship shipyard, one of the largest shipyards in Brazil, part of the renowned American group Edison Chouest Offshore, stands out as one of the largest industrial forces in Brazil. The shipyard not only supports a wide range of specializations, including engineering, welding and logistics, but also significantly boosts the local and state economy.

Located on the vibrant coast of Santa Catarina, in Navegantes, the Navship Shipyard is an impressive facility that exemplifies the robustness and innovation in the Brazilian naval industry. When visiting the site, one can observe the imposing infrastructure and meticulous organization, characteristics that consolidate its position as one of the largest shipyards in Santa Catarina.

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Navship: one of the largest shipyards in Brazil

At the shipyard where vessels of various sizes are meticulously built and maintained. The shipyard's symbol, an anchor, is visible from above, symbolizing the stability and strength that Navship represents for the region.

The shipyard not only contributes significantly to the shipping sector, but also plays a crucial role in the local economy, generating thousands of jobs and development opportunities. The well-equipped facilities and industrial landscape serve as a testament to Navship's dynamism and importance to the Brazilian naval sector.

What is produced at the Navship shipyard?

The Navship Shipyard, in Navegantes, Brazil, stands out in the construction and repair of maritime vessels, especially in oil and gas industry. With a 124.000-square-foot assembly facility and 14 overhead cranes, the shipyard produces medium-sized vessels with efficiency, quality and speed.

strong economy

The Navship Shipyard and its strategic location allow for a unique interaction with the surrounding community and economy, reaffirming its commitment to progress and innovation in the naval industry. The vessels produced here are not only means of transport, but also symbols of excellence and quality that cross the global seas.

Thus, the Navship Shipyard, part of the Edison Chouest Offshore Group, is more than an industrial facility; is a milestone in the economic and technological development of Santa Catarina, reflecting the strength and dynamism of the shipping industry Brazilian

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Flavio de Oliveira Tinti
Flavio de Oliveira Tinti
April 4, 2024 20:51 PM
Flavio de Oliveira Tinti
Carlos Roberto Rosa
Carlos Roberto Rosa
April 4, 2024 21:41 PM
Good evening, I'm from Itajai but I'm happy for the success of the shipyard located in Navegantes.
Marcos Franco Junior
Marcos Franco Junior
April 5, 2024 06:44 PM
There are some things that I didn't even know that the navship shipyard does, oil tankers for Petrobras and fpso, I've been working there for 13 years and to this day I've seen ships like PSV, ahts, wsv, mpsv, and 2 floating docks being produced.
April 5, 2024 07:47 PM
5000 employees? It's been years since there were more than 1000 employees lol!
Charles Marques
Charles Marques
Answer to  Rodrigo
April 6, 2024 06:53 PM
Exactly, I was there last week and I spoke to some employees and they reported that they hire employees based on work demand, when they have a vessel project to execute, they are hired on a basis of 2000 to 3000 employees who rotate 24 hours a day during 1 year or more, depending on the size of the project.
April 6, 2024 23:53 PM
An immense satisfaction in being part of the Navship family.
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