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Baixada Santista company receiving resume for hiring

13 from 2018 to 13 at 33: XNUMX
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Baixada Santista company receiving resume for hiring

Boilermaking and maintenance company in Baixada Santista is receiving a resume at the entrance and will be able to hire immediately

Human resources company just announced a great job opportunity in Baixada Santista for professionals in the areas of maintenance and boilermaking. Those responsible for hiring did not indicate the number of vacancies, but we hope that many opportunities will open up, as several professionals in the industrial sector of Baixada Santista are still waiting for the opportunity to return to work.

Available vacancies:

  • Boiler, Maintenance Mechanic

Summary of the above professions:

boiler shop

Manufacture, repair and install various parts and elements in sheet metal such as steel, galvanized iron, copper, tin, brass, aluminum and zinc; manufacture or repair boilers, tanks, reservoirs and other containers made of steel sheets, cut, model and work profiled bars of ferrous and non-ferrous materials to manufacture frames, doors, railings, stained glass and similar parts.

Maintenance mechanic

Perform maintenance on components, equipment and industrial machines; plan maintenance activities; evaluate operating conditions and performance of machine and equipment components, lubricate machines, components and tools. document technical information, carry out quality and environmental preservation actions and work in accordance with safety standards.

How to Apply for Jobs:

Interested parties should show up at Rua: São Paulo, number 153 – Centro de Cubatão, with a work card that proves professional experience and resume. All information about the vacancy will be passed and explained to the selected candidates in a possible interview. The deadline for receipt will be until the 16/08/2018. There is also the possibility of sending the resume, but only for candidates who have experience within the profile set out above to:

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