Home Large company opens 42 vacancies for Young Apprentices

Large company opens 42 vacancies for Young Apprentices

10 from 2018 to 01 at 32: XNUMX
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Large company opens 42 vacancies for the energy sector

To work in the production area, a company in the energy sector opens 42 vacancies for young apprentices with great career opportunities

With the growth of new industrial sectors, companies have sought to hire apprentices to learn about the entire process, starting in the first areas of the company to economic and business sectors. Knowing these data, Aeris Energy opened a selection process for hiring 42 apprentices to work in all areas of the company's business. This is undoubtedly a great opportunity for you who are starting your career and looking for great challenges in the energy sector. Check out all the necessary procedures for registering and sending your resume.


  • Company: Aeris Energy
  • Position: Apprentice
  • Location: Caucaia, Ceará-CE 442 S/N KM 02
  • Total Vacancies: 42
  • Registration period: from 02/08/2018 to 10/08/2018
  • Education: Complete high school, aged between 18 and 23 years old, preferably residing in Fortaleza, Caucaia, São Gonçalo and region

young apprentice program is a federal government project created based on the Learning Law (Law 10.097/00) with the aim of enabling Brazilian or multinational companies to develop program of apprenticeships that aim at the professional training of adolescents and young people throughout the country. “The learning course consists of theoretical and practical classes and taught by an accredited teaching institution, such as the Senac, Senai, Ciee (Company-School Integration Center), among others. The young apprentice program is guaranteed through a special work contract called the learning contract”.

How to apply for vacancies:

Interested parties must register on the IEL/CE website – ( and send resume, in “.pdf” format, to e-mail:, to confirm the subscription. In the subject of the e-mail, put: SELECTION PROCESS AERIS – Candidate's Full Name. Before sending or registering the curriculum, review it to avoid errors that could lead to elimination in the recruitment process. By following all the steps detailed here, success will certainly be guaranteed.

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