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Labor shortage: the United States opens more than 10 THOUSAND vacancies for foreigners and publishes a list of professions that qualify for a Green Card

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 09/06/2024 às 23:25
United States opens more than 10 THOUSAND vacancies for foreigners and publishes list of professions that qualify for a Green Card
Photo: CANVA/Pronatech

Labor shortages in the US intensify, creating great opportunities for Brazilians. Check available vacancies and professions that qualify for a Green Card.

Jobs in the US: The labor shortage in the US continues to be a major challenge for state and local governments. Last year, the country recorded around 3,5 million “missing” workers, according to Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell, meaning there are more vacancies in the United States than job seekers. This reduction affected some sectors more than others. With this situation, vacancies in the USA represent a great opportunity for Brazilians who want to improve their quality of life and increase their income. If you are thinking about moving to the USA, it is essential to know the professions that qualify for a Green Card. Here, we highlight some of these professions and how to take advantage of the labor shortage to get a job in the USA and obtain the much-desired Green Card.

What is a Green Card and who can get it?

Before knowing which professions entitle you to a Green Card, it is necessary to understand how this document works. Green Card is a document of permanent residence in the United States, officially known as “United States Permanent Resident Card”. It is issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and is aimed at foreigners who wish to reside permanently in the country.

Having a Green Card gives the holder permanent resident status, allowing them to live and work legally in the United States on an ongoing basis. The Green Card is intended for various categories of foreigners who meet certain criteria such as Immediate Family Members of U.S. Citizens, Foreign Workers, Diversity Visa Lottery Winners

With the shortage of labor in the USA, the government facilitates the entry of qualified professionals by granting two specific types of visas, namely EB-1 and EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver). These visas even eliminate the need for a job offer in the USA, which makes the immigration process more accessible for those who meet the selection criteria.

Although the EB-1 visa requires exceptional skills and is more complex to obtain, it is a viable possibility for those who have substantial recognition in their areas of specialization.

To qualify for the EB-2 visa, you must have a higher education degree and at least five years of proven experience in the field. This enables the professional to contribute significantly to the American market, opening paths to obtaining a visa and a promising future in the USA.

Professions that give the right to a Green Card in 2024 – Many open positions in the USA waiting for you

IT sector has many vacancies in the USA

O IT sector leads the list of professions that qualify for a Green Card in 2024, where there is a great shortage of professionals in the USA.

Ranging from Computer Science, Software Engineering, to Cybersecurity and Data Analysis, professionals approved for these vacancies in the USA are finding more viable paths to permanent residence in the USA.

Job vacancies in the areas of Administration, Finance, Marketing and Health gain prominence

In addition to technology, traditional business areas such as Administration, Finance and Digital Marketing, are also among the professions that entitle you to a Green Card and help you live in the USA legally. The need for professionals trained in business management, tax and Human Resources indicates an appreciation of skills aimed at organizational growth and efficiency. 

A Health area, intensified by the pandemic a few years ago, stands out with a growing demand for qualified professionals, being an area of ​​great labor shortage in the USA, thus one of the professions that give the right to a Green Card. From nursing, Medicine, to specializations in Mental Health and Physiotherapy, the search for professionals in the healthcare sector is a robust and continuous trend.

Labor shortage: Vacancies in the US for professionals in the engineering and education sector expand

Contrary to Brazilian common sense, which often devalues ​​educational professions, in the USA, pedagogues and teaching professionals Education find fertile ground for professional development and recognition, whether working directly in teaching or related areas, such as special education, offering the opportunity to live in the USA legally.

From Civil Engineering to Aerospace, including Architecture and Urban Planning, the construction of the future requires brilliant minds and qualified labor. Professionals Engineering and Construction They are of paramount importance to the job market in the USA, essential for sustaining economic and social growth.


Finally, the area of Right, especially in Corporate and Tax Law, it is also among the professions that qualify for a Green Card, given the great shortage of labor in the USA for these types of workers.

Where to find the best jobs in the USA and apply?

Those who are interested and want to take advantage of the great labor shortage in the USA can find thousands of vacancies in the USA through the Glassdoor platform. When selecting the opportunity desired, simply read the requirements, duties and other information carefully and then register. Among the open positions you can find:

Population Health Resource Associate- Payer Quality Remote;

Remote Sales Consultant;


ACO Operations Specialist, Remote;

HR Generalist;

HR and Payroll Assistant;

Remote Member Service Representative;

Brand Feedback Provider;

Dermatopathology Medical Transcriptionist (2nd Shift, Remote);

Customer Service Representative;

Contract Client Program Specialist (Remote);

Customer Service Agent Disaster Relief -Work at Home;

Product Associate – Remote;

Underwriter – Remote;

Project Coordinator/Admin (Lighting Accounts) REMOTE;

Project Coordinator (Remote) – Chillistore;

Infinite technology services;

Client Scheduling Specialist;

Administrative Assistant;

Work Study AZ Diversity & Inclusion Office Assistant – Remote;

Receptionist – remote;

Medical Appointment Scheduling Agent;

Quickbooks Accountant – Bookkeeper;

Remote Business Growth Specialist;

Data Processing Specialist – Remote;

Call Center Representative – Remote;

Temporary Employment: Veterinary Talent Researcher & Sourcer;

Coordinator, Claims REMOTE;


Community Manager;

Communications Assistant;

Medical Billing Specialist (Remote);

Fleet Administrator;

Junior Marketer;

Booking Coordinator Assistant (Remote) – Experiential Marketing and Staffing;

Medical Coder – remote – Digitech;

Training Specialist;

Customer Renewals Representative;

Help Desk I;

CRM Specialist;

Operations Processor;

Bookkeeper – Quickbooks Online Experience.

In short, the profile of Brazilian professionals has been highly valued abroad, especially in areas with greater labor shortages in the USA. This scenario presents a great opportunity for Brazilians who wish to seek new professional and personal experiences in the largest economy in the world.

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