Home It's worth: Draw of R$500 or Salvatagem+HUET – You choose!

It's worth: Draw of R$500 or Salvatagem+HUET – You choose!

16 March 2018 to 06: 12
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Promotion link:
1 winner will be drawn in this promotion.
Draw on 23/04/2018The Brazilian oil and gas sector, especially the Offshore sector, is one of the most difficult to enter. In addition, specific courses are needed and they are very expensive and in the current situation in the country, it is almost impossible to pay for them. Click Petróleo e Gás will be launching monthly sweepstakes for these courses. Do what is asked and participate, the more shares, the more courses will be drawn each month.

1 – It will be necessary for each participant to share at least one post from \\\”SITE\\\” per day AS \\\”PÚBLICO\\\” until reaching the sum of 30 shares.2 – Save the link of \\ \”YOUR SHARING\\\” so that we can find out if you really share. Save to any text file. Watch the video: – If you are drawn, you will need to record a video saying that you have received the prize for the purposes of authenticity of the draw and page promotion4 – Courses will be held in the city of Macaé , if you want to do them, you will have to bear the costs of tickets and food on your own, if you do not want to come to the city, we will deposit the sum of R$500 (five hundred reais) in your account. For this, it will be necessary to pass the agency, current account and CPF of the recipient.5 - If you want to increase your chances in the raffle, use the coupon buttons and do what is asked to win them6 - the raffle will be released when the goal of 5000 participants is reached.
The winner has up to 7 days to claim the prize.
The winner will receive the prize within 30 days. The prize will be sent to the winner free of charge.
By participating, I understand that Facebook and Yes!Ganhei are not responsible for creating the promotion and delivering the prize. The responsibility lies entirely with the fan page “” that created the promotion


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