Home ExxonMobil signs with Seadrill, discloses offshore vacancies

ExxonMobil signs with Seadrill, discloses offshore vacancies

19 from 2018 from September to 15: 06
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seadrill exxonmobil offshore jobs

The West Aquarius rig has been contracted to drill in Canada and Seadrill asks that you submit your resumes today for latent opportunities

Seadrill Partners LLC has secured a drilling contract with ExxonMobil Canada for West Aquarius. The value of the contract is expected to be approximately $24 million. The expected date for the start of operations is between the first and second half of 2019. If you want to take part in this and other endeavors, find out how to do it below:

Would you like to work at Seadrill?

Seadrill is one of the few companies that hire Brazilians for jobs anywhere in the world, as long as they have the qualifications and requirements she needs. We have quite a few followers who have successfully landed an offshore job opportunities on it.

Coincidence or not, after the formal announcement of this contract with ExxonMobil, she requested offshore professionals in her Official communication channels, see the post she made today (19) at 12 noon:

Those interested in applying for these opportunities can do so directly on the company's website. It is worth noting that so far, there are no vacancies open in Brazil, here in South America, the closest is Mexico, but there are opportunities in other continents where it has more operations. Go to the company website here. It is worth noting that the application process is entirely in English.

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