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General Electric presents powerful floating turbine that promises to revolutionize wind energy in the world

Written by Flavia Marinho
Published 21/05/2024 às 10:02
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Largest offshore wind turbine – General Electric

The world's most powerful gigantic wind turbine, manufactured by General Electric, could revolutionize the implementation of wind energy in the world

There are many who wonder where we are going to get energy to power the demands of a 100% electric industrial park. The answer is not simple, but what everyone agrees on is that renewable energies will have to take care of the majority of production. To achieve this, manufacturers are preparing solutions, such as mastodontic floating wind turbine, prepared by General Electric, which will become the largest in its class.

General Electric introduced a concept of floating wind turbine, which reaches a power of 14MW per unit. An impressive number that, according to its designers, could drastically change the capacity of offshore wind farms, reducing costs and creating access to installation in water depths far beyond those of today.

Check out this incredible GE turbine

With less and less land available and increasing rejection due to the impact on aspects such as visual or animal life, investors are looking for offshore alternatives where they can deploy this technology. But offshore conditions are different from onshore, which makes the implementation of offshore wind turbines a major challenge, especially when we are talking about huge systems like this one.

The main problem with offshore wind today is that it relies on traditional offshore installation methods, which require a significantly large anchor to be built into the seabed, using extremely expensive construction materials and labor. Such aspects create many challenges, especially as depth and winds increase.

Giant turbine from General Electric could revolutionize the implementation of wind energy in the world

Therefore, installing floating systems eliminates the need to build concrete foundations on the seabed and replaces it with a floating turbine anchored to the seabed with long cables. This significantly reduces construction costs while increasing operational efficiency by being able to access stronger and more constant winds.

General Electric researchers presented the details of the ARPA-E ATLANTIS (Lighter and Afloat Aerodynamic Turbines with At Náutico Technologies) project, which will allow the design and development of advanced controls to support a 14 MW floating wind turbine.

“Designing a floating turbine is like putting a bus on a tall pole, floating it and then stabilizing it while interacting with wind and waves,” said Rogier Blom, engineer and principal investigator on the project. Blom pointed out that the sheer size of the problem requires a floating platform to support a structure up to 260 meters high.

General Electric's gigantic turbine promises to revolutionize the implementation of wind energy in the world, giving way to large marine parks that manage to make the most of one of the renewable sources with the greatest potential to offer us a future free of CO2 emissions and which, as we see, has potential yet to be discovered and developed.

68 high school and higher education job openings to work at the factory of the multinational General Electric Renewable

The multinational General Electric Renewable has 68 job vacancies open for high school and higher education professionals, to serve the states of SP, BA, PE, MG and many other Brazilian states. The highlights are for the functions Operator, Storekeeper, Trainees, Technicians, Engineers, Assistants, Analysts, Assembler, PCD's professionals and more.

To apply for any of the job openings, simply register your resume on the official General Electric website. Check out all 68 GE Renewable jobs available across Brazil, directly on the company website. Good luck to everyone!

I'd love to know what you think of this powerful GE turbine. Tell us in the comments section if you are a professional in this field. Don't forget to leave 5 stars and activate CPG notifications to keep up with all the news in the world of energy. To the next!

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