Home National general strike of oil workers against privatization of Petrobras refineries

National general strike of oil workers against privatization of Petrobras refineries

22 April 2018 23 gies: 18
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Tankers FUP Petrobras

The union informs that they will cross their arms at Petrobras refineries and oil platforms in May

The announcement of Petrobras about the privatization of the Presidente Getúlio Vargas (Repar-PR), Alberto Pascoalinie (Refap-RS), Abreu e Lima (PE) and Rlam refineries in Bahia, caused a lot of confusion this week and unleashed the fury of union movements and oil workers connected the state-owned company, shortly after Pedro Parente's statement. Oil tankers are already organizing themselves to carry out a national general strike in repudiation of this measure, in an attempt to reverse this decision.

The president of Sindipetro PR/SC, Mário Dal Zot, declared war against Pedro Parente and promises stoppages never seen before. At the moment, meetings and assemblies are taking place to decide what would be the best ways to launch the strike, which according to Mario, can be for an indefinite period.

Fernando Maia, current director of the FUP, wants to carry out a strike equal to or greater than that which occurred in 1995, which also aimed at embargoing possible privatizations of Petrobras. At that time, who was in charge of the presidency of Brazil was Fernando Henrique Cardoso. The oil workers joined the strike and interrupted activities on the platforms, administrative units of the Petrobras, distribution terminals and refineries.

The launch of the national general strike against the privatization of Petrobras refineries, should take place after the assemblies between April 30th and May 12th, according to the FUP. The Keuri Method Consortium formed with the aim of finalizing the works at Comperj, releases an official statement about the start of hiring and the ways in which the CVs for the construction of the UPGN will be received, read the article here and get the information firsthand.

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