Home Opportunity: MODEC launches offshore and onshore trainee program

Opportunity: MODEC launches offshore and onshore trainee program

31 from 2018 to 20 at 05: XNUMX
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modec young offshore and onshore talent

Applications will begin in the first weeks of September for engineers who wish to occupy strategic positions at Modec, find out how to apply

Modec is a Japanese multinational company with more than 50 years of experience in the global market and 15 years of experience in Brazil. She works in the oil and gas sector with a focus on oil production, building platforms and operating oil production platforms. Now, Modec is launching a robust and innovative program to develop new talent: Toward Excellence!

The objective of this program is to promote development actions and monitor the growth of selected engineers for two and a half years, who will assume strategic positions to support the company's success.

The selection process

Modec will select engineers who have graduated up to 4 years in:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Naval Engineering
  • Engineering in Control and Automation
  • Chemical engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Civil and Petroleum

During the program, engineers will learn about and be trained in offshore environments and in onshore technical areas.

Some testimonials

Thiago Barbosa joined Modec in 2013 as a trainee, working in the operations area, he worked on 2 ships and is now an operations engineer on one of them. He reports that the company is a reference today in Brazil in the production of oil and gas.

Juliana Aquino joined Modec in 2005 as an intern. He said he chose and continues to choose the company because it is robust and a market leader in its field.

Daniel Lobo started at Modec in 2011 in the offshore sector and had an opportunity to move to the company's onshore sector. He is very pleased to work at Modec because, despite the high level it has reached, it is still growing rapidly and with continuous internal improvement processes.

How to apply

If you are professionals with experience in the oil and gas sector, in the chemical or petrochemical sector, and you wish to grow together with Modec, visit Modec's website, in the first days of the first week of September, it will launch a specific method for this selection process in particular. Click Petróleo e Gás will also send a notification when registration opens, just enter this site again through Google Chrome, Mozilla or Safari and sign the notifications to receive them directly on your smartphones. Watch the video of the program below:

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