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New solar inverters are arriving on the market to prevent fires in solar energy systems

Written by Rafaela Fabris
Published 10/07/2024 às 20:07
New solar inverters are arriving on the market to prevent fires in solar energy systems
Image: E4 Energia Renováveis/Disclosure

Have you heard about the new solar inverters that are coming onto the market to prevent fires in solar energy systems? Well, this news came to bring much more security and peace of mind to those who invest in clean energy.

There has been a lot of news about photovoltaic systems catching fire out there. This mainly happens because of poor installations and unqualified professionals in the solar energy sector. But, calm down! The new generation of solar inverters is coming with everything to solve this problem.

One of the biggest causes of fires in solar energy systems is the electric arc. Simply put, an electric arc happens when there is a fault in the connection between two conductors, causing sparks and, in more serious cases, fire. These arcs can appear at various points in the installation, such as string connections, junction boxes and even in the photovoltaic modules themselves.

The new generation of solar inverters for solar energy

To combat these problems, new solar inverters come equipped with a device called AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter). This equipment is a true hero in fire prevention, as it identifies and stops electrical arcs before they cause any damage.

Inmetro Ordinance 515 of 2023

An important new feature is that, as of the Inmetro 515 decree of 2023, all manufacturers of inverters and microinverters with voltage above 120V and current above 20A must include AFCI in their products. For equipment with lesser characteristics, protection can be dispensed with, as long as the equipment control guarantees the extinction of electric arcs.

How does AFCI work?

The AFCI is basically a switch with an electronic circuit that detects the formation of an electric arc. When the arc occurs, the electrical current has a specific wave pattern, which is identified by the AFCI, which then stops the flow of current, eliminating the arc. This brings much more security to solar energy systems.

When will these new inverters be available?

Manufacturers have until December 2024 to adapt to this new regulation. However, many are already putting solar inverters on the market with AFCI included. And the good news is that, even with this new technology, equipment prices should not rise, due to strong competition between manufacturers.

So, guys, did you like this news? The new solar inverters promise to bring much more security and avoid those fire scares in photovoltaic systems. It is an important advance for those who already use or are thinking about investing in solar energy.

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