Home PagBank financial services company in Brazil announces new job openings: Opportunities for assistants, analysts, engineers and more

PagBank financial services company in Brazil announces new job openings: Opportunities for assistants, analysts, engineers and more

16 May 2024 to 14: 53
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PagBank financial services company in Brazil announces new job openings: Opportunities for assistants, analysts, engineers and more
Photo: PagBank/Disclosure

Vacancies announced in May: Check out the latest vacancies available and how to apply at the financial services company PagBank.

PagBank, one of the most innovative fintechs in Brazil, is recruiting professionals to expand its team. With vacancies in several regions, the financial services company offers opportunities for those looking for professional growth in a dynamic environment and collaborative.

Currently, open positions include Junior Customer Service Analyst in Curitiba (announced 5 days ago), Digital Sales Assistant and Junior Investment Advisor, both in São Paulo (announced 3 weeks ago), among others. Each role promises not only exciting work, but also the chance to be part of a team at the forefront of financial technology.

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Working at PagBank is not just about occupying a position; it's about growing together with the company. The digital bank, which began operations in 2019 after a successful history with payment solutions, is looking for professionals who want to develop in an environment that values ​​research and innovation.

Job vacancies at PagBank

  • Junior Service Analyst – Curitiba/PR (5 days ago)
  • Digital Sales Assistant – São Paulo, SP (3 weeks ago)
  • Junior Investment Advisor – São Paulo and Region (3 weeks ago)
  • Sales Supervisor – Recife, PE (3 weeks ago)
  • Operations Assistant – São Paulo and Region (17 hours ago)
  • Senior Investment Advisor – São Paulo and Region (1 month ago)
  • Sr. Software Engineer (NodeJS) – São Paulo, SP (4 weeks ago)
  • Junior Digital Sales Executive – São Paulo, SP (3 weeks ago)

More vacancies can be found directly at the link below.

How to apply

Interested parties should access THIS LINK and proceed to the careers section, where they can submit their applications. It is essential to be aware of the requirements of each vacancy and prepare an updated CV, highlighting relevant experience and skills relevant to the desired position.

Employee salaries

Based on Glassdoor, regarding salaries, PagBank employees can expect competitive remuneration. For example, salaries for software engineers range from R$6 to R$16, reflecting the company's commitment to valuing its professionals.

About PagBank

PagBank emerged in 2006 with a clear mission: to revolutionize the payment methods market and democratize access to financial services in Brazil. With the introduction of the first rent-free card machine, the company not only facilitated commercial transactions for sellers and consumers across the country, but also boosted the informal economy, allowing more people to sell their products and services anywhere. This movement was just the beginning of a series of innovations that highlighted PagBank as one of the leaders in practical and accessible financial solutions.

In 2019, PagBank expanded its spectrum of activity with the creation of its digital bank, strengthening its commitment to the transformative use of technology. Today, PagBank is among the largest digital banks in Brazil and is one of the most profitable fintechs in the segment. With more than 7 thousand professionals, the bank continues to invest in research and innovation, creating a collaborative work environment where learning is constant and professional development is encouraged. This culture of constant development and innovation makes PagBank an ideal place for those looking not just for a job, but for a challenging and rewarding career in the financial sector.

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