Home Recruiter opens vacancy in Macaé for immediate start

Recruiter opens vacancy in Macaé for immediate start

29 July 2018 to 23: 29
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Vacancy in Macaé for immediate start urgently

Large company with vacancy in Macaé urgently hiring for operational sector with immediate start

Recruiter is looking for a qualified professional with experience to work on temporary service contracts in Macaé and region. The company opened the opportunity and wants to hire as soon as possible to fill its staff. To participate in the selection process, simply follow the guidelines described in this article. The requirements established to apply for the vacancy are as follows:


  • Job: Forklift Operator
  • Education: Complete high school
  • Updated Forklift Operator Course
  • MOPP course
  • Float handling experience

How to apply for vacancies:

In order to apply, it is necessary to have all the requirements set out above by the human resources of Mapel Macaé Acessorias. Be absolutely sure that your training, courses and certificates are up to date. It is extremely important to include all information in the resume to have a better chance of securing the vacancy. A very important point and worth mentioning, HR analyzes the experience proven through CTPS. Interested in the vacancy click on the link

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