Home Reign of the Corolla threatened by the BYD KING hybrid: the long-awaited car from the fastest growing multinational in sales numbers in the world arrives in Brazil. Check out!

Reign of the Corolla threatened by the BYD KING hybrid: the long-awaited car from the fastest growing multinational in sales numbers in the world arrives in Brazil. Check out!

2 April 2024 22 gies: 23
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BYD, hybrid, Corolla

The BYD King arrives to revolutionize the Brazilian hybrid sedan market, challenging the reign of the Toyota Corolla and promising to win over consumers with its modern design and advanced technology

The Brazilian automotive market is about to receive a new major competitor in the hybrid sedan category. The hybrid BYD King, unpublished model from the Chinese brand, was caught testing in Brazil and promises shake the thread. Scheduled to arrive at dealerships in mid-June this year, King arrives with the mission of dethrone the traditional Toyota Corolla and conquer its space, according to the Auto Esporte website.

Even camouflaged during testing, the look of the BYD King hybrid did not go unnoticed. Inspired by the Qin Plus, the sedan features several highlights, such as:

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  • Elegant and futuristic design;
  • Spool-shaped front grille and new headlights;
  • Interconnected flashlights;
  • Large trunk;

All these components guarantee an imposing and modern look to the new BYD King hybrid. Will he take the crown from the Corolla?

BYD King dimensions and interior space

At 4,78 meters long, 1,84 meters wide, At 1,49 meters tall and with a wheelbase of 2,72 meters, the BYD King hybrid is larger than its predecessor, the Qin Plus. The trunk is also surprising, with a capacity of up to 488 liters, ensuring enough space for luggage and everyday purchases.

King's interior. Photo: Disclosure

One of BYD's big bets for King is its plug-in hybrid powertrain, which combines a combustion engine with an electric one. The package, which develops an impressive 260 horsepower and 40 kgfm of torque, promises agile and efficient performance. With an 18,3 kWh battery, the King can travel up to 100 km in electric mode, in addition to achieving an average consumption of 26,3 km/l of gasoline and covering up to 1.200 km on a full tank, according to BYD.

Perspectives and competition with the Corolla

With a market increasingly receptive to electric and hybrid vehicles, the arrival of BYD King promises intensify competition in the segment, mainly with the Corolla. With an estimated price of between R$180 and R$200, the Chinese sedan will face the challenge of winning over Brazilian consumers, who are already used to the quality and tradition of the Toyota Corolla.

The BYD King arrives in Brazil as an interesting option for those looking for a sedan modern hybrid, spacious and efficient. Common thrown design, cutting-edge technology and a powerful mechanical package, the King promises to conquer its space in the Brazilian market and offer a new option to consumers looking for a sustainable and economical vehicle.

Meet the BYD King, the 'terror' of the Corolla

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April 3, 2024 15:55 PM

I await his arrival
.I'm going to take it for a test drive when it hits the Brazilian market.

April 3, 2024 17:48 PM

Very.beautiful car

Deginaldo p
Deginaldo p
April 7, 2024 14:22 PM

How many liters of fuel fit in the tank.

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