Home Oil workers' unions withdraw from strike

Oil workers' unions withdraw from strike

31 May 2018 to 11: 39
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After being criminalized by the courts and having the daily fine increased, oil workers decide to interrupt the strike

The oil workers suspended the strike due to the imposition of a daily fine of R$ 2 million and the criminalization of the movement. “The TST plays the game of capital and would not let the oil workers' strike go cheap. The daily fines of BRL 500 jumped to BRL 2 million, plus the criminalization of the movement”, says an excerpt from the note from the FUP (Federação Único dos Petroleiros). The FUP claims that it is “a momentary and necessary retreat” for the construction of the strike for an indefinite period, which was approved nationally by the category. “This serious violation of trade union rights will be widely denounced”, promises the entity.

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