Home Sotreq will invest heavily in the Oil and Gas unit in Macaé

Sotreq will invest heavily in the Oil and Gas unit in Macaé

12 July 2018 to 12: 35
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Macaé Sotreq oil and gas

Sotreq's Development and Business Manager states that the Oil and Gas unit in Macaé will continue to receive investments to meet new Contracts

With the increase in Oil and Gas activities in Macaé, the main companies in the energy sector are receiving new contracts, mainly in the offshore sector in particular, the Pre-salt. To ensure that all operations do not generate losses, they seek equipment with a high level of reliability and resistance in technology, thus providing the expected guarantee of profits and the least possible loss of hours (Down Time) in operations.

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Sotrreq won a major contract for power generator systems for the Sépia and Mero 1 fields, the customer is Petrobras and the FPSOs will be built by MODEC. This, without a doubt, is great news for all of us in the offshore world, it is the opportunity for jobs and the satisfaction of working in a globally recognized multinational and the increase in business for the region.

Sotreq's business development and engineering manager for the oil and gas market, Diego Reis, analyzes the scenario at the moment, and with great optimism, talks about the current situation and emphasizes the importance of starting a new contract. “Our organization is structured to operate on both business fronts. We have invested heavily in technology to increasingly have innovative tools and solutions that leverage efficiency and reduce operating costs”.

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Sotreq Òleo e Gás unit in Macaé will increase its activities

The Sotreq unit in Macaé has been increasing its activities every day and with the company's new contract with Petrobras, the possibility of contracting to meet the demand is certain. Currently, the Macaé Base has been seen as the main unit for the pre-salt demand. It will have an engine repair shop and a training center to improve employees and ensure quality and efficiency.

Professionals who wish to work at Sotreq, stay tuned for our publications on the website, as we will certainly be posting future vacancies related to this great opportunity that will come in the O&G sector.

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