Home Equinor (former Statoil) finally opens selection process in Brazil

Equinor (former Statoil) finally opens selection process in Brazil

8 June 2018 to 11: 01
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Consecrated as one of the greatest powers in the pre-salt country, Equinor begins the phase of selection of Brazilian labor

Equinor, formerly Statoil, is one of the most coveted companies today for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry. With a strong presence in the global market, the Norwegian company in recent years has been gradually increasing its operations in Brazil, acquiring exploration blocks and partnering through oil auctions in our country since 2017. Her last successful auction was on June 7th (check out the details here). Well, with its new acquisitions and projects in progress, now the hiring phases begin, find out the details in the next paragraphs!


As found by Click Petróleo e Gás today(8), Equinor is offering 23 job vacancies in Brazil, the positions and levels of education are varied. There are opportunities for technicians, engineers, administrative staff and trainees, all of which are to work offshore or onshore in Rio de Janeiro and therefore, candidates must have total and absolute availability to reside or travel to the state.

Despite hiring in Brazil for “Brazilians”, the recruitment portal is in English, after all Equinor is a multinational company and as such, it uses “ENGLISH AS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE FOR ITS OPERATIONS”, regardless of the country where it operates. So if you were lacking some motivation to study the language, the time is now, because from now on it will be like this, given the number of foreigners who have taken over the country's pre-salt.

Available Positions


  • Senior Analyst Project Management
  • Main Consultant Finance Treasury
  • Senior Indirect Tax Specialist
  • Lead Maintenance Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer

[/ one_third]


  • Maintenance Engineer
  • operations engineer
  • operations engineer
  • Production Control Room Operator
  • Production Control Room Operator
  • Lead Mechanic Technician
  • Lead Electrician Tech

[/ one_third]

  • Lead Electrician Technician
  • Lead Automation Tech
  • Lead Automation Technician
  • Lead Production Operator
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Offshore Maintenance Supervisor
  • Production Supervisor


Find out how to apply for Equinor in the Video below

If you want to go straight to the Equinor registration page, CLICK HERE. Remembering that the whole process is in English but if there is any difficulty in translating some terms, use Google Translate, but remember! This tool translates words, not concepts. You can even fool a program, but at the time of the real interview, face to face with HR, it will be the test of fire to know your proficiency in the English language, so never lie on the form or on your resumes. Good luck to everyone!

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